Student Spotlight: Katie Faithe


Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

Among the array of talented and superb students at YLHS, Katie Faithe (12) stands out for her charisma, wit, and amiability. Not only is Katie Senior Class President, but she is also Captain of girls throwing for discus and shot put, a member of French Club and Pastafarian Club, and an employee at Valentino’s Pizza.

When asked about campaigning for Senior Class President, Katie responded that “It’s an amazing part of my senior year, and I am so proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and running for it.” As senior class president, Katie was in charge of designing senior shirts, planning Homecoming, senior gift, and senior breakfast. Senior class secretary treasurer Rachel Toledo (12) says “working with Katie [has been] super fun… She always thinks of great ideas and is so inspiring with her positivity. She is definitely a leader on and off campus, and I am proud to be a senior officer with her.”

Being part of a popular sport like track and field, Katie has established many bonds with her team members, she says, “I love all the people I’ve met through it, whether they are competitors or teammates. Some have become my best friends and I’m thankful to have met them.” Though she has little complaints about the sport, Katie wishes throwing had more running opportunities. In addition, one of Katie’s regrets is not having participated in throwing since freshman year.

Because she has been actively involved in both French class and club for the past four years, Katie is eligible to receive a seal of biliteracy on her diploma. Growing up, Katie has always desired to learn the “beautiful language” and she hopes to one day not only be fluent in French, but also get to experience the culture first hand by visiting France

In reference to her job at Valentino’s Pizza Katie says, “I always tell people they need to work in food at least once. You figure out humans’ true natures, whether that’s good or bad.” Furthermore, her job has enforced her communication, cooperation, and time management skills.

Currently, Katie considers furthering her education at either the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, or California State University Fullerton. After being accepted into both, Katie says, “I would love to go to the University of Nebraska, but only time will tell where I am headed.”

Looking into the future, Katie plans on going into politics and either pursuing a career in women’s rights or being taking part in foreign policy. In addition, Katie would like to run for a legislative role one day. Katie’s favorite quote is “A man, a plan, a canal panama,” because it symbolizes more than just the history behind the words; it exemplifies perseverance and strength necessary to reach incredible goals.