What If?


Deborah You, Photojournalist

What if we showed compassion? What if we had patience? What if we all thought of others first?

From Monday, March 14th to Friday, March 18th, Yorba Linda High School celebrated “What If Week” on their campus. The week was composed of activities and videos, where YLHS students participated in lunch activities as well as students having the opportunity to share their testimonies to the school.

Tuesday’s theme was “What if we all made safe decisions,” Wednesday was “What if we beat bullying,” Thursday was “What if we all cared,” and Friday was “What if we all had school spirit.” On Tuesday, students were able to test out drunk goggles in the quad in order to recognize the importance of not driving under the influence. Wednesday consisted of videos being played during third period showing testimonials of students who were once bullied or had struggled with hardships. At lunch, a mirror stood in the quad that read “you’re perfect,” reminding each student that they are beautiful just the way they are. On Thursday, the students had the opportunity to write a compliment on a sticky note to somebody and put it on the board in the middle of the quad at lunch. The sticky notes would then be passed out to the students the following day to their fourth periods. Friday ended the week, where students dressed up in YLHS gear and united as a mustang family.

Lily Clark (12) and Lilah Haye (10), the community service commissioners, led the week and had planned the activities for weeks in advanced. Lily Clark said that “what if week’s goal is for mustangs to rise above the negative trends of today and to remind the students and staff that every mustang matters. With national trends showing increasing incidents of bullying, violence, and careless decision making, YLHS wants to reinforce the foundation in which the school was built on! Each day of the week has a “what if” question to make the students think about their lives, and others, differently.”

The week of “what if” did change Yorba Linda High School in a way that students would think twice about judging another, bullying someone else or making the wrong choice. It reinforced that [we] each have each other’s back and will focus on the positivity rather than the negative environment on campus.

A student, Robert Sheffield (12) says that “[He] thinks “What if Week” is one of the most important things ever done at this school. It really goes a long way in giving people strength and helping people cope with life.”

Not only does YLHS’ “What if Week” impact the Yorba Linda High School campus, but it also impacts the neighboring schools and community around the area.