Student Spotlight: Katherine Robison


Katherine leads the team in an extraordinary performance.

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

Most students know Katherine Robison (12) as “Kat,” the sweet redhead girl who is quiet, yet incredibly smart and a member of color guard. I have personally gotten to know Kat better this year and have decided to share my insight into a great soul. To begin, Katherine is the youngest of five children, has a fraternal twin, and was born in New Orleans, and moved to Yorba Linda from Texas. Kat has been involved in color guard since the seventh grade and is now not only color guard co-captain here at YLHS, but is also drum major. Furthermore, Katherine has been offered a scholarship to the University of Minnesota, where she plans to pursue her dream of becoming a biomedical engineer in order to provide new technological advancements for the medical field, especially for cancer patients in hopes of relieving their pain. As a Goffer Kat plans to remain involved as a member of the color guard team. When asked what her favorite high school memory is Kat responded “sophomore year when the color guard placed first during field season. Out of all the instruments color guard uses Kat says rifle is her favorite because it makes her feel strong when she catches it. After practicing 15 hours per week, Kat knows the team’s hard work is appreciated when people come out and support with loud cheers. In addition, her favorite part of a performance is entertaining the audience by expressing an emotional connection to the songs. Above all, her experience as co-captain has given her the patience necessary to teach, and coach different personalities, and adaptability to changes. Aside from color guard Katherine stands out in her AP French class and is also Vice President of French Club, club advisor for Interact club, a Link Crew leader, and a member of NHS, CSF, and Fashion Club. She is also a volunteer at the Yorba Linda Public Library. Recently the color guard team placed first in Orange County Invitational held at Huntington Beach on Saturday, February 27th, and is expected to continue a winning streak.


Competition Dates:

March 12th– San Bernardino Invitational at Los OSOS High School

March 19th-OC Invitational at Valencia High School

March 26th-Riverside Invitational at Riverside King High School

April 9th-Corona Invitational at Santiago High School

April 16th– Championships