The Youth of Today


Vanessa Le, Photojournalist

It is 2016, and the youth are beginning to dominate the work industry. “How may one might be able to ‘dominate’?” you might ask. Through the YouTube industry, I’ll reply.


YouTube, a video-sharing website, features different genres of videos such as song covers, music videos, makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, and fashion lookbooks; after a specific amount of subscribers are gained, one is able to make money off of their videos. It is a place for individuals to find their voices among an accepting and creative community. Although there is competition in a sense that captures “who has more subscribers?,” creators are more than supportive for others and their endeavors. Individuals create content because they love the simple act of sharing their interest with people who truly appreciate them rather than creating content as a way of making money. Content creators are also able to interact and meet with their viewers through YouTube events such as Vidcon and Playlist.


To name drop a few people, Amanda Steele, commonly known as MakeupbyMandy24, is only 16 years old, but has accumulated more than 2.8 million people that subscribe to her Youtube channel, which features beauty and fashion content. She was only in the 5th grade when she started contributing makeup tutorials and clothing haul videos to her channel. Now, Steele has created her own sunglasses brand through Quay Australia, and she makes sure to attend each New York Fashion Week event, representing highly accumulated fashion brands.


Another young YouTuber, commonly known with the handle of Lohanthony, is also 16 years old and has garnered more than 1.5 million subscribers. He started his Youtube channel at the age of 12, “mostly discussing his life and pop-culture loves in a manner that manages to be enthusiastic and world-weary at once, full of gasps, wigs, and pregnant pauses” (NYMag). Through his videos, Lohanthony is able to show the world who he really is, loud and proud. Some may say that he is has become such a sensation because he is relatable to the young teens in today’s society.


Familiar with such Youtubers, Sloane Osmers (11) says,

“I feel like with the new technology a change in the work industry is definitely on the rise with young people! It could be a good or bad thing– good because it could give us more opportunity, but bad because it could bring immaturity to certain critical topics.”


The power of YouTube has not only brought these two young examples into the public’s eyes as role models for younger peers, but it has also created their futures at such a young age. Without Youtube, these two young Youtubers wouldn’t be where they are today, and they mostly have their viewers to thank for that.