The Amazing What?


Deborah You, Photojournalist

Eleven teams, countless countries, many languages… this is The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race is a television show in which partners race throughout the world and compete in a number of tasks in order to win one million dollars and not get eliminated along the way. This year, season 28, the teams include different social media stars from Youtube to Vine to Instagram. Some of these stars consist of Clever anchors, Viners and Youtubers.

The first leg started off in each of the pairs’ homes where they watched a short video message from Phil Keoghan, and then had to travel to Mexico City to find their first clue. Some teams included a father-daughter duo while others were mother-daughter, siblings, friends and couples. With a partner by their side, they then had to choose to either complete a Mariachi band task or a firework task in order to move on to the next challenge. Upon receiving the clue after finishing, they then took a plane to another spot and solved a puzzle in a cave, allowing them to race to the first pit stop. Though the first pit stop did not eliminate a team, it gave the father- daughter duo hope to win the one million dollars at the final leg.

Bill Fu (12) says that [he] is “definitely hoping for Zach and Rachel King to win the race: they’re a competitive yet humble team so [he’s] rooting for them! If [he] had a choice to visit any country on The Amazing Race, it would definitely be the beautiful country of Switzerland, because [he] would never have the opportunity to visit otherwise. Based on the past challenges of the final leg, [he] would pack a journal to take detailed notes about each city [he’s] visited. If [he] could go on the show with anyone in the world, it would be [his] twin sister, Joann Fu (12), because they know each other well and distinctly know each others strengths and weaknesses.”

Even though many viewers were disappointed in the three week break between the shows, viewers are always anxious for the next one to show!

With Phil Keoghan as the host of the show and the many outrageous adventures along the way, thousands of viewers spend their friday nights watching each leg of the race through the months of February and March. Even though the race is filmed a few months before it actually airs, the contestants cannot tell any of their family or friends whether they had been eliminated within the game or if they had won.