Student Spotlight: Heather Lawhorn


Heather captivates the audience in a jazz dance she choreographed herself.

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School is undoubtedly filled with multiple extremely talented individuals from singers, actors, athletes, painters, dancers, and musicians, YLHS has got it all. This week it was my pleasure to interview none other than Heather Lawhorn (12).


Heather is a featured dancer for two years now in our very own Dance Company, which is directed by Ms. Maes. Heather has been dancing for six years, and vividly remembers her first lyrical solo she performed at competition, all her pre show jitters, and endless hard work paying off for a great routine. Heather says she above all is grateful for her mom and her sister who have supported her through her dance career. She is also stated that, “I love all of the girls on Dance Company. They are gifted ladies, and I’m proud to call them my family.”


A senior at YLHS, Heather says graduating is bittersweet, she’s excited to  have new experiences, make memories, and see what life has in store for her, but is sad to leave her high school days behind. In the fall, Heather will be attending Cal-State University of Fullerton where she will study communications. In the future, she would like to get a job performing at Disneyland, maybe through the Disney college program. Furthermore, her aspirations include to pursue her love of music and dance, by touring with a band as a choreographer, or a back up dancer. When asked who she finds most inspiring Heather said her mom because she is so strong and independent. Heather’s sister has also played an important role in her life by always being there for her.


Heather says that one thing she will always remember of her dance shows is the enthusiastic cheers from her friends in the crowd, especially Sammy Kassab and Gino Roberts, who never missed a show. Heather’s favorite style of dance is lyrical, because it expresses emotions and allows for dancers to communicate their feelings with the audience. Heather’s favorite part of a performance is the split second before the music goes off when she sees the audience, this gives her a rush and allows her to lose herself in the music and be fully present in the moment. Sidney Tran, Heather’s Dance Company little sister, says she has “ gotten so much closer to Heather and she loves watching her dance, and hopes to grow to be as good as her next year.” Aside from Dance Company Heather loves showing her support for the arts, by watching theater, comedy sports, helping out with band and color guard, and being in ceramics.”