Player Spotlight: Katlyn Ramos


Player Katlyn Ramos scores against her opponents gaining another victory for her team.

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

With basketball season having just begun, it’s not just the boys winning on the court, but our Mustang ladies have also been on top of their game led by one of their insanely talented captains, Katlyn Ramos. Katlyn is described by her teammates and coach as dedicated, extremely focused, driven, and of course a “baller.” Katlyn has been playing basketball for eleven years now. Outside of school, she shows her dedication to her family, by practicing with her dad, playing one on one against her sister and brother, and coaching her younger brother’s basketball team. At Yorba Linda High School, Katlyn has been on varsity for the past three years, two of which she has been the leading scorer. She is most inspired by her family because they’ve taught her that there is strength in being together and that hard work is always needed to succeed. Her favorite players are Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, and Andre Iguodala. Katlyn’s favorite quote is “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it because nobody else will.” Last year, the varsity basketball team made it through three levels of CIF, and Katlyn hopes to lead her team for another great season. In response to her definition of leadership, Katlyn believes that being a captain means that “it is your responsibility to motivate your team to increase their intensity, so that we can work past our comfort zone, while maintaining a positive mindset.”  When asked what her plans are for the future, Katlyn responded that she leads an incredibly active lifestyle and will always continue to do so, but in response to if she will continue to play basketball in a college team, she said she is not sure, but she is currently talking to Irvine Valley. It is without a doubt that Katlyn holds great promise to a bright future on or off the court.