YLHS goes to Sadies


Deborah You, Photojournalist

Who’s ready to dance the night away at Sadies? Yorba Linda High School is hosting Sadies Hawkins this year, a casual dance where girls invite guys instead of vice versa. Each year, YLHS switches off back and forth between Winter Formal and Sadies to spice it up! This year the 2018 Sophomore class is hosting Sadies. Though the theme has not been revealed quite yet, the Sophomore officers can attest that this one will be the best one yet!


Roger Fang (12), a Sophomore officer in 2014, coordinated the last Sadies Hawkins dance at our school, “The Happiest Sadies on Earth.” This year, he says that “this was the first year [YLHS] brought Sadies back and it was the Sophomore officer’s jobs to make it a big one. It was very intricate in terms of deciding the right theme, going with a brand new DJ in Inviscus Productions, and adding activities to the dance. Looking back at 2014’s Sadies, it was a blur, but it was one of [his] favorite dances ever. [He] has full confidence that the class of 2018 will carry on this tradition and make this year’s Sadies Hawkins as amazing and even more!”


Under the leadership of Katelyn Walker (10), Daniela Zirkle (10) and Aubrey Osorio(10), the YLHS ASB class has been preparing for the dance by making posters for the upper quad, decorating the gym foyer and preparing in the gym. They have prepared decorations from streamers and balloons to lights and stage props. The theme of this years Sadies came with alot of thought and discussion, discussing all the pros and cons to make this dance the best.


Though this dance may just seem like a one night event, some of the behind the scenes pieces include hiring security, determining what the money should be spent on, buying decorations and props, laying down tarps in the gym, choosing a DJ, recruiting parent volunteers, buying snacks and drinks for the night, picking which photo company is best and many service hours before school, after school and even on the weekends by the ASB class.


Alyssa Garcia (11), a member of the ASB class says that “Sadies is going to be so much fun! The best part of the whole dance is the opportunity for girls to ask guys! The Sophomore class officers have put so much into planning it and [she] can’t wait to see the student body’s reaction.”


With this in mind, the theme of this year’s Sadies will hopefully put a smile on each student’s face and without a doubt will be a spectacular night to remember!