Phhhoto Phhhase

Phhhoto Phhhase

Daania Kalam, Photojounalist

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, there is a new app on the rise with students at YLHS and people around the world.


Taking a Phhhoto is not the same as taking any picture. This app takes a series of 5 consecutive pictures then combines them all to create a moving image, similar to a GIF. There are also options to add filters.

“It’s like a GIF; you can make [it] personal,” explains Julia Mora (10) .

On the app there is an option to access a page called the Wow page. This page consists of the best Phhhotos selected by the app’s staff. These pictures are truly breathtaking. Every minor detail gets put together to form art. The only requirement to get recognized on the wow page is when posting a picture add #wow to the caption.

Apps like Phhhoto are evolving the way photography apps function. Technology is helping push away from the basic point and shoot pictures into something greater. The movement in the image adds a lots of character to the image making it more than just a pretty picture. Students enjoy Phhhoto for this very reason, “I like Phhhoto because it lets me look into the perspectives of others and see there is motion and movement in essentially all life and things,” said Aleeha Kalam (12). Videos can provide movement and motion but these images are not full motions they are bits and pieces, that help focus on smaller perspectives.  Phhhotos are made to be simple, short and sweet.

The company that owns the app has added a new aspect which is a Photobooth. It can get set up at social events and gatherings. The object holds an electronic surrounded by a light ring to illuminate the image’s subject. Using the motion picture method it creates the GIF. After creating the GIF, the user inputs a number which the image will get sent to. After the user can choose to keep and or upload the image to other social medias.

The future still holds whether this app will continue to be popular or not depends on how social media trends function. However, apps like Phhhoto prove how technology is advancing society through apps.


To see some of the best phhhotos out there, check out their website: