Mustang Madness Recap

With the start of the basketball season the varsity players are prepared to dominate on the court.

With the start of the basketball season the varsity players are prepared to dominate on the court.

Anais Gomez, Photo journalist

Heads up, Mustang fans! Friday, November 20, was the kickoff to the new basketball season. Mustang Madness was filled with enthusiastic fans celebrating the 2016 season with sumo wrestling; performances from Dance Company, cheer, and song; and matches among the players, coaches, and alumni.

The event began with three sumo wrestling matches, beginning with one among younger kids, followed by a match that reflected sibling rivalries, and finishing with a head-to-head duel between Varsity team member Sean Haggerty (12) and senior class President Katie Faithe (12). The victors of these matches were awarded with Chick-fil-A coupons for free chicken sandwiches. Chick-fil-A also showed our Mustang team support by selling food at the event, as a fundraiser for the boys, and by holding a special appearance by the Chick-fil-A cow.

Students and parents alike were rallied up by the jokes of announcer and varsity team member Nick Perez (12). Performances by Dance Company made the event extra special, such as the student-choreographed dance by Emmy Munn (12), staring herself, Natalie Huegle (12), Natalie Gold (12), and Lilah Haye (12), as well as the team’s nineties inspired group dance choreographed by Mya Kough (12). Cheer and Song as always made the game more spirited with YLHS’ color shout.

The first game was between the Freshmen team and was a tied match.The event continued with a friendly competition between the JV team against the united forces of coaches and parents. The last game consisted of alumni players Nick Erbach, Trent Paddon, and David Rosenbaum versus the varsity team.  With the only negative event being a minor injury to an alumnus, the excitement continued until the very end. Sarah Beeson (12) says that “Basketball season is my favorite; I can’t wait to cheer with the Stable!” With the conclusion of Mustang Madness, men’s basketball is off to a strong start and is on track to completing another great season.