Club Spotlight: FIDM Fashion Club


Fashion Club members, Sara Lui (12), Nicole Espinosa (12), and Morgan Lui (10), publicize their club on snapchat.

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School offers many opportunities for involvement around campus, especially in a variety of interests expressed in clubs started by our very own students.

The FIDM Fashion club is sponsored by the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise to motivate prospective fashionistas and creators of upcoming trends to express themselves in a group that meets bimonthly. The club is run by President Nicole Espinosa (12), and is advised by Mrs. St. Amant.

FIDM Fashion Club plans and creates various DIY projects. They also have guest speakers and attend runway shows and high school club mixers held at FIDM. President Nicole Espinosa attended FIDM Fashion Club Day held at the Los Angeles FIDM University campus, where she sat in on lectures, planned an improvised outfit as part of a personal stylist workshop, and learned the necessities for putting on a runway show. Nicole says, “FIDM has many great opportunities for high school students to head start their career not just in fashion design, but in animation, and business management also.”

FIDM not only financially contributes to their clubs on high school campuses, but also awards club presidents with the opportunity to participate in a paid three day workshop on their preferred campus.

Recently, Fashion Club has worked on making bracelets, decorating pumpkins, and making dream catchers. Member, Ashley Yen (12) says, “Fashion club makes super cute take-home projects and is a fun lunchtime activity.”

Fashion Club is a great way to be involved on campus, as it offers opportunities of meeting new friends, creativity, and resources for ones future. Katherine Robison (12) describes Fashion Club as “a great way to have a fun, creative time while catching up with friends and making some new ones along the way.” The club is definitely a positive addition to our school’s cornucopia of clubs.