Mustang Cheer


Megan Gadbaw, Katelyn Spangenberg, Kaila Labrador, Brittney Barr and Ashlyn Rumbolz sporting their varsity jackets!

Daania Kalam, Photojournalist

When I say GO! You say CHEER! GO! -CHEER! GO! -CHEER! The Yorba Linda High School cheer team has 5 seniors in the program and are enjoying their last year of being a cheerleaders. Our 5 seniors this year are Ashlyn Rumbolz, Brittney Barr, Katelyn Spangenberg, Megan Gadbaw and Kaila Labrador. When asking the girls about what their favorite part of cheer is, they say that they get to provide the school with lots of spirit and energy.  “Going to practice and bonding with my sisters.Katelyn Spangenberg (12) says and adds “We are closer than any other team I have been on and I love it.”


Some girls got interested in cheer when seeing other cheerleaders or family members be apart of cheer. Kaila Labrador (12) expressed, “I wanted to do a sport where I could get to know people.” With cheer Kaila has been able to make many new lasting friendships.  Looking into this coming year Megan Gadbaw (12) hopes, “that my team just does the best that we can, even if that means we won’t win every competition we need to try our hardest every time, but I do hope that we excel in our divison this year!”


Being in cheer has made many lasting memories on the girls, Ashlyn Rumbolz’s (12), “favorite cheer memory would probably have to be junior year cheer camp! It was the first year we went away to camp and we went to Palm Springs and our team really bonded together. We all had an amazing time.”  Brittney Barr (12) says her”favorite memory is going to Florida for nationals.”


Since these girls are all graduating in June they have some words of wisdom for current and coming cheerleaders. “There is always something you can do to make yourself better”, Brittney Barr. Ashlyn says, “My advice for future cheerleaders is to have fun, cheer and, be yourself! Don’t worry about what other people will think by doing all of your cheers full out and the more pep you put out the more people you’ll get to cheer along with you.” Megan and Kaila remind cheerleaders to work hard and not to slack off just because you have made the team already. Finally, when tumbling don’t freak yourself out Katelyn says, “The more you worry about it the worst your mental block will be. Just take a deep breath.”  Next time you are at a sports game cheer with these ladies and witness the passion and talent emitted from these ladies.