Let the Festival Begin!

Let the Festival Begin!

Deborah You, Photojournalist

On September 25th, 26th, and 27th, St. Martin De Porres, a Catholic church in Yorba Linda, celebrated their 36th annual Oktoberfest. The event opened in the late afternoon and finished later in the night. Friends, family, teachers and students from Yorba Linda High School all join in on the fun. Some volunteer at the event with the food, games or even just setting up!

Oktoberfest was started in Munich, Germany, where families enjoyed the 16-day festival of food, drinks, games, and rides. This well-known event usually begins in mid to late September, and ends at the start of October. During this period of time, traditional German foods are shared, and German culture is exposed to the visitors.

Stephanie Coulter (12) is a member of St. Martin De Porres Church and volunteers every year at the Oktoberfest held there. She says that “Oktoberfest is a fun event because it’s for people of all ages and there is something for everyone. I love to work it because I get the opportunity to see everyone enjoying themselves. The food and the rides are great! There is not one thing there that I don’t like!”

In honor of the original Oktoberfest, St. Martin De Porres replicated the festival in Germany, putting on their own event. They placed music, games, rides, food and beverages in their parking lot to celebrate this family-filled festival. Families and teens from all around town came to join in on the fun and spend time together. Many go to support their church, spend time with family, celebrate the German festival or just go for the amusement, since this is the closest amusement park-like event that comes to Yorba Linda each year.