Snapchat Update


Tristan Stretch

One of the many filters introduced by Snapchat

Daania Kalam, Photo Journalist

60 million people have installed the Snapchat app onto their cellular device. Here at Yorba Linda High School it is commonly used among students. This past week the app was updated with various new features that users have come to love or hate. The first most popular change, is the ability to add graphics onto your image of oneself. For example, Kate Puentes (10), “I love, love, love, when Snapchat makes me puke rainbows, I don’t know about you but I look pretty cute puking rainbows.” Among most students the “rainbow puke” effect is a favorite however the effects are being taken off and swapped out for new ones. Unfortunately, the rainbow puke is no longer available to many students dismay. Others prefer being scary. Jordan Sain (10) says, “My favorite part about the update is the scary faces because I use it to scare my nephews.” This shows there a large variety of  effects from comedic to scary.

Senior, Tristan Stretch (12) enjoys the new update but is upset that when watching peoples snapchats there is no longer a number displayed for how long the photo or video will be shown. He finds it is now harder to evaluate the length of watching someones post or message.

The app, once opened, will temporarily save the facial structure of the user after touching and holding the screen for a few seconds. Then above the button to take the picture, one will have options for what effect they would like to use. On the screen it will direct you to do a facial movement to queue the graphic. For example, if heart eyes is chosen the heart will appear on your face, in order to pop them you raise your eyebrows.

Students believe that the app should bring back the lost graphics because they were popular and enjoyable. #BRING BACK RAINBOW PUKE 2015!