Deflategate: Brady’s Suspension

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Jordan Coley, Sports Editor

While Superbowl XLIX is far in the past, the drama surrounding the winners of the championship, the New England Patriots, has grown. During the AFC Championship game, the New England Patriots were accused of reducing the air pressure in the game balls. By deflating the footballs Brady and his receivers would be given an advantage in throwing and catching passes. The Patriots won the AFC Championship game and continued on to the Superbowl. There they defeated the Seattle Seahawks and took home the championship.

In reaction to the scandal, the league enacted swift penalties against the franchise and Brady. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responded to the Patriots with a one million dollar penalty. To many this seems like a harsh fine against the team. Many argue that there is little evidence that the balls were deflated. However, to a team that is worth over a billion dollars, the fine is minuscule and will not effect them. But, attached to the million dollar fine is the removal of two draft picks. This penalty is the most significant. The team has admitted that this will hurt them significantly. These draft picks would bring in potential star players to the team. Despite this additional penalty, the Patriots have accepted the penalties. They will not file an appeal.

Most recently, the NFL has suspended Tom Brady for four games. Goodell released the penalty in response to beliefs that Tom Brady had knowledge of a scheme to reduce the air pressure in the game balls. Brady has already filed an appeal to the commissioner. From here it is up to Roger Goodell to hear his appeal or to assign it to someone else. Brady, in reaction to the penalties, hired a star attorney who has reached out to Goodell already. He has asked him to hear Brady’s appeal. Many believe that Brady has a strong case. Much of the evidence is not substantial. No matter what the result is, some, including Tommy Aragone 11, believe “Brady’s reputation will be hurt forever. But he still should make it into the hall of fame.”