Catch the Most ZZZs during Testing Season


Data of what countries wake up the happiest and when.

Alexis Rodriguez, Layout Editor

In the midst of the rigorous AP and Common Core testing, sleep schedules are of the utmost importance. For an alert mind and clear thoughts, they always say to go to bed early in order to maximize your amount of rest the night before a test. How would you like to know how to ensure you’re getting the most amount of sleep this testing season? Here are some facts about sleeping patterns you may find fascinating.


The Sleep Cycle app, a program that tracks your sleeping patterns each night by just placing your phone next to your pillow, recently synthesized the data they have recovered from app users all over the world. Their report included 941,329 males and females users between the ages of 18-55 during the time period of June 2014 and March 2015. Here’s the data they collected on Mondays: The country that awakens the earliest in the mornings is South Africa at 6:09 am. Switzerland experiences the largest amount of change between Mondays and other days of the week with waking up 24 minutes earlier than the other average times. These two countries utilize this data in order to make the most of their time allotted for sleeping.
A little more relevant to our lives here in the United States, or more specifically, Yorba Linda, we are one of 58% of countries who experience the best sleep quality on Wednesdays. This is common worldwide including countries Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, United Kingdom, and China, where the best quality of sleep is found on this night. Next time it’s a Thursday, pay attention to your attitudes or mannerisms. There’s a chance they could be more positive due to the fantastic night of sleep you had the night before.
When it comes to Saturdays, it has been proven that we sleep much later and longer on these nights. After a long week of testing and just school in general, it makes sense that there is hardly anything we would rather do than sleep the whole night away. In comparison to other nights, nearly 90% of the world’s countries sleep much more on Saturdays. Switzerland gains the most sleep with approximately 41 extra minutes. On the contrary, compare this to the sleepless Sunday nights that 66% of countries experience. This is curiously found to be the case in most of the Asian countries with South Korea getting only 5 hours and 53 minutes of sleep on Sunday nights.

The countries that rise the latest on Sunday mornings include Portugal(9:51am), Greece(9:39am), Spain(9:28am), Russia(9:26am), and Norway(9:25am). Think about this the next time you sleep into 2pm on a weekend. Yet Sunday mornings happen to be when the majority of the world wakes up the happiest. The order of the countries with the best moods on this fresh start to the week is Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Austria, Switzerland. So remember next time you’re looking for a nice place to vacation or just next time you wake up in your own bed on a Sunday morning, there’s just so much to smile about.


Best of luck to you Mustangs this testing season. You’ll all get through it as long as you put sleep on your good side.