Mall Cop 2 Movie Review

Mall Cop 2 Movie Review

Melody Ra, Editor In Chief

After the success of Paul Blart: Mall Cop in 2009, Mall Cop 2 has been released in movie theaters everywhere! Yes, high school students may deem themselves too “mature” to be watching movies as “frivolous” as Mall Cop; and, yes, I do admit thinking that it would be quite childish to see. However, I found myself laughing nonstop throughout the entire movie! Therefore, I proclaim Mall Cop 2 a comedic success!

First, let us review Paul Blart: Mall Cop (the first movie). Paul Blart is the quirky main character, a security “officer” who just wants respect from the “mall citizens.” He aspires to be a police officer, but due to his overweight physique and glycemia, he is unable to ever pass the police fitness test. Unfortunately, everyone disregards his role in the mall community. After delivering countless amounts of lost children back to their moms, he receives nothing but a futile “thank you” and much disrespect from the children.

The plot of the story surrounds two issues:

1. Paul Blart is in love with a fellow co-worker at the mall who operates a tiny stand selling hair extensions.

2. There is a group of thieves who want to access all stores in the mall’s revenue.

Long movie short, Paul Blart uses his “skills” to take down the thieves, one by one. At the end of the movie, he is able to win the girl that he loves too, and they become married.

Now, in Mall Cop 2, (spoiler alert), within the first 5 minutes of the movie, his wife for six days abandons him, and his mom gets killed from a milk truck. As a result, Paul Blart desperately clings to his only friend and family member: his daughter. Unfortunately, his daughter becomes accepted at UCLA, meaning that she will have to leave him in New Jersey.

Throughout the movie, Paul Blart and his daughter stay at a resort in Las Vegas so that he would be able to attend a Security Officers Convention. His daughter accidentally witnesses a heist in action, so the thieves kidnap her.

In order to save his daughter, Paul Blart humorously uses the new Security Officer equipment from the convention to eliminate the thieves. Due to his glycemia, he faces many obstacles–he faints. Yet, he uses his failures by presenting the same obstacles against the criminals.

Senior Monae Lyseight states, “Mall Cop 2 should definitely be interesting. Paul Blart is such a unique character!”

All in all, Mall Cop 2 is a definite “must watch.” It’ll have you laughing the entire movie!