Apple Watch Anticipation

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Pauline Ngo, Photojournalist

Apple has the reputation for having a lot of anticipation whenever the company releases a new product, since it is known for its popular high-tech devices. When Apple announces new products, consumers are just too excited and impatient that they actually try to predict what kind of features the new product will have. A new device Apple will release is a smart watch, and the company announced back in September that it will release the Apple Watch on April 24, 2015.

Apple Watch has numerous exciting features. One minor feature is that it responds to movement: when you raise your wrist, the screen will turn on, but when you put your wrist back down, the screen will turn off. The watch can show email, texts, and phone calls, news, health readings, and other notifications. These notifications are customized for the watch only, so it will not show up on the iPhone. Moreover, this watch is perfect to use when working out or running because there is an accelerometer, which will count the steps you take, and a heart monitor. An internal motor is another aspect of the watch, which can remind you about something by making a subtle tap on the wrist. When shopping at participating retail stores and restaurants, you can use Apple Pay because the watch uses NFC wireless technology that allows you to pay-with-a-tap. Keep in mind that in order to use all of the features on the watch, users will need an iPhone 5 or higher model nearby.

Although there are so many advance aspects, the watch cannot forget about telling time. What if the watch runs out of battery? Can you still see the time? When the battery runs out, the watch activates the “Power Reserve.” Everything shuts off except for the time. It lasts for hours, so you do not have to worry about not having the ability to tell time.

There are 3 different lines for the watches: Watch Sport, Watch, and Watch Edition. Watch Sport is made of aluminum for fitness people, Watch is made of stainless steel for everyday wear, and Watch Edition is made of 18-karat gold for those who can splurge.

Sofia Besana (11) admits that at the moment, she wouldn’t buy one because she doesn’t really need it; “I’m fine with just the iPhone 6,” concedes Sofia. In her opinion, she is sure that the watches will sell well since its created by Apple, and Apple is a brand that is trustworthy but also dominates the technology industry. The watches will eventually become popular because “when it comes out, people will keep talking about it, making more people want to possess one.”