Role Reversal Day


Courtesy of Ellen Notbohm.

Taylor Chelliah, Photojournalist

So, at YLHS, we have a day called “Principal for a Day” where someone basically gets to walk around the school and see what the students are doing in their classes. This year, it was the Mayor of Yorba Linda.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but isn’t there a small voice inside you, wanting something more than some person touring the school? I know I have one, so I looked into what other schools do which was similar to our “Principal for a Day.” And alas, I found an event called Role Reversal Day.


Now you may ask what is this role reversal day I speak of. It is a day where randomly selected students trade positions with the staff members for one whole day.


One reason why it would be a great addition to future school years is because the mere idea of being a teacher is fun. You have the power of the classroom, you decide the rules and what happens that day, and since your teacher will be your student, he or she is unable to boss you around. Kulsoom Naqui (10) agrees with this by saying that this experience “would let students see life in the teacher’s perspective.”


Another reason, however, pertains to the teachers. Now, in every class, there is at least one troublemaker that drives that teacher crazy just about every school day. So, if said teacher would to trade places with said problematic student for a day, wouldn’t it be nice to give that student a small taste of mayhem?


One last reason to why adding Role Reversal to YLHS’s school year would be a positive addition is because at the end of the day, both the teacher and the student respects each other. Sure, the life of a student isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but the life of a teacher isn’t a simple walk in the park that some students may think.


In the end, after looking into this day and how students and teachers participate in it made me feel glad that they decided to have that day in the first place. However, I feel a little empty when we have this ‘Principal for a Day’ event that doesn’t sound nearly as fun or even includes the students.


Role Reversal Day would be a great idea for our school, Yorba Linda High School, to try out for at least one year. And if they ever decide to do, then I hope all teachers and students will participate and have a blast.