What’s the Inside Scoop?

Miss Yorba Linda 2015 Edition

Whats the Inside Scoop?

Kiannah Dole, Photojournalist

On February 7th, 2015, 26 young ladies competed in the Miss Placentia and Miss Yorba Linda Outstanding Teen pageant (ages 13 to 17 as a junior) or the Miss Placentia and Miss Yorba Linda pageant (ages 17 as a senior to 24). One of our very own Mustangs Cheyenne Kotick (12) was crowned as Miss Yorba Linda 2015. Other fellow Lady Mustangs that competed for the titles and did phenomenally onstage this year were Kaylee Crandall (12), Catherine Han (11), Julia Palacio (10), Julianna Thrasher (10), and Kaila Melanson (9). We have taken the time to get the inside scoop and ask a few of them questions about their experiences in this program as well as possible future experiences.


The Wrangler: How would you explain this pageant to someone who thinks it is a beauty contest or demeaning to women?

Cheyenne: The Miss Yorba Linda & Placentia pageant has nothing to do with [just] beauty [alone], but to do with poise and sophistication. You must present yourself with confidence and be committed to being a role model for all ages.


The Wrangler: What have you learned from your participation in this pageant?

Julianna: “I learned everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and that’s what makes us unique. The pageant isn’t about who is better and who is worse; it is about finding yourself and believing in yourself.”


The Wrangler: What was the area of competition that you were most excited about?

Catherine: I was actually most excited for interview! It was one of those areas where I thought that the judges could really get to know me one-on-one.


The Wrangler: What was the first thought that came to your mind when your name was called as Miss Yorba Linda 2015?

Cheyenne: I wasn’t expecting it to be my name so when it was called it took me a second to realize that that was my name, that I was Cheyenne Kotick, and that I had actually just been crowned Miss Yorba Linda.


The Wrangler: What did you do to prepare for this pageant?

Kaila: Before the pageant, I – of course – had to buy all of my outfits, such as dresses and my opening number outfit. Then I spent lots of time practicing both the opening number and the physical fitness. Lastly, I did mock interviews and practiced onstage questions.


The Wrangler: Are you looking forward to competing at the 2015 Miss California competition this summer?

Cheyenne: “I have no idea what to even expect when competing for Miss California, but I’m really excited for the experience and the new people I’m going to meet.”


The Wrangler: What was the one area of competition you were most nervous for and how did you prepare to face it?

Julianna: I was most nervous for talent because I am an athlete, and I believe that the stereotype of a “beauty pageant” got inside my head. I don’t know how to dance or sing like the other contestants, so I sought professional help to get their insight and pick out the best song for me.


The Wrangler: What are you hoping to gain during your year as Miss Yorba Linda 2015?

Cheyenne: “During my year, I hope to gain the satisfaction of being a gracious role model. I hope I have people that look up to me and remember me for my achievements and events.”


The Wrangler: As a court member, do you look forward to appearing at some of the events with the 2015 titleholders, such as facepainting for the children at the Easter Egg-citement or riding in the Placentia Heritage Day Parade?

Kaila: “Of course I do! I think it’s so great that this organization includes the court in some of the activities. It also gives me more time to spend with the friends I made along the way!”


The Wrangler: What do your friends and family think about you being the new titleholder?

Cheyenne: “My friends and family are so thrilled and so proud. They can’t wait for me to begin my year of service.”


The Wrangler: What was your favorite part about the whole process of preparing for the pageant?

Catherine: In terms of preparing for it, I loved spending time with my mom to pick out the outfits! It was a relaxing way to bond with my mom for a productive reason.


The Wrangler: How do you plan on promoting your platform?

Cheyenne: “My social media posts will certainly be continuing on the fight to end social media as well as trying to hang posters in schools to bring awareness to cyberbullying.”


The Wrangler: Since this was your first time involved in pageants, has your views and opinions changed from the first day of orientation? If so, how?

Julianna: Yes, it certainly has because I used to believe this was just a beauty pageant. However, it is actually a scholarship program.


The Wrangler: What are skills that you have better developed through hours of rehearsals on the weekends and actually competing in the pageant? (i.e. speaking skills, poise, confidence, talent, etc.)

Kaila: “ This experience definitely helped me with everything! Because of this pageant, I am much more confident and find it a lot easier to speak in public and even to strangers. Now with my talent, I can take all the critiques I was given and work on my talent even more for next year!”


The Wrangler: As a titleholder, you are a role model to those around you, especially to the young children that you will meet at local appearances. What does being a role model mean to you?

Cheyenne: A role model is their behavior that people look up to. It is their leadership qualities that others want to see and model. It is the smile that they give to others. It is the look you get [from others]. Role models possess qualities that we want, and it makes us want to be better people.

Congratulations to each young lady on a job well done! You have represented Yorba Linda High School wonderfully and you are sure to achieve many things in life through the experiences you have gained from this program.