Hail Holy Cheeseburger

A photo from a Red Robins giftcard. Do you SEE the delicious burger???

Taylor Chelliah

A photo from a Red Robin’s giftcard. Do you SEE the delicious burger???

Taylor Chelliah, Photojournalist

Burgers. One of America’s favorite foods and one of America’s biggest icons. From patties stuffed with cheese to burgers cooked by steam, not only are innovative Americans recreating the burger, the United States is the go-to place for the classic burger. And to top it off, we got some great places right here in Yorba Linda for a bite to eat.


In-N-Out: This place is undoubtedly at least 90% of our fellow YLHS students favorite place to grab a burger. They have decent prices for a good combo, and they somehow manage to cook the meat just right. When asked for her favorite burger place, Ria Chow (10) commented “In-N-Out, because whenever [she is] hungry, [she] can enjoy the different flavors of the burger, like the sauce, beef, and patty. It leaves [her] satisfied.” Two small shortcomings, however, are the little variety of condiments and the lack of space of seats inside the establishment. Yet, when your local In-N-Out is located to the cinema and a Coldstones, you know you’re set for movie day.


Carl’s Jr.: Now, this fast food chain is overall decent. Some highlights of eating in the establishment is that they bring the food to you, unlike most other fast food chains, and their milkshakes are the bomb. However, there is one thing that concerns me. As I eat a Big Carl, there is a sign right in front of me saying ‘All-Natural Burger! No added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics!’ Then that concerns me, on not only other burger places, but this place. Is this sign from the gods trying to tell me that the burger I’m eat at this very moment filled with steroids, and the Famous Star is filled with antibiotics or hormones? After that episode in my head, I could no longer enjoy the nice taste of the Big Carl and was unable to finish it. The only thing that cooled me down was the fact it’s right by school and Starbucks is but a short walk away.


McDonalds: Okay, now I realize that many of you readers aren’t huge fans of McDonalds, but as the largest fast food chain in the world, it would have been a big no-no if I left it out. Now, this certain place has its perks. They sometimes bring items back, they usually have a deal about any size soda costing a dollar, and they have some grea sauces for your chicken nuggets and fries. Another big perk for me is that unlike any other fry in the world, you don’t have to salt McDonalds’ fries. Of course, we all watched those videos in Health that showed those very french fries not growing any mold on them, but you have to admit that they are perfectly salted. Now, you talk about the burger itself. For a chemical rich burger with filler patties, it’s clear to see that most people would be pretty disgusted with it. Personally, I like the taste of McDonalds, but that could be me. Either way, there’s just one thing that peeves me. The long lines and the long waits. Just as much as those people in front of the lines having no idea what to order, it could take them up to 10 minutes making a latte. So, this place can leave little to be desired.


Of course, there are many great places close to us, like Jack-In-The-Box and The Habit, but the one thing I can’t give you is the experience of truly eating the burger. The moment when you have a smile on your face. Of course, you can frown before and after you eat a burger, but you never see a person look sad eating a burger!