What Your Starbucks Order Says About You


Jeanelle Wu

Behind the scenes where each Starbucks drink is carefully crafted and different flavors and elements are added to create a drink that represents you in a cup.

Jeanelle Wu, Editor

“Welcome to Starbucks what can I get for you?” With around 100 drinks on the menu and over 80,000 drink combinations possible, your Starbucks order can say a lot about you. Every drink has its own customer stereotype, and (let’s be real) I’m sure you have associated a drink with a person and their aesthetic. See if our thoughts on people-and-drink matching match, and how accurately I was able to describe you based on your usual order!


Caramel Macchiato

Starting with probably one of the most basic orders you can get at Starbucks (to be fair I order this a lot too which is how I know it’s basic). Just because your order is basic, it certainly does not mean that you are. In fact, I’d say you’re very fun to be around, social, and a little sweet just like the caramel in your drink. This drink seems pretty common for a variety of ages, and it’s safe to say that throughout your Starbucks life you will have likely gone through a caramel macchiato phase. 



Many people including myself envy you. People who go to Starbucks and get matcha or any kind of tea give off very put-together vibes. You seem like the person who has their life together (at least that’s how others see you) and has a positive mindset. You are ready for your day and you don’t even need the help of coffee to feel alive. Instead of depending on caffeine like everyone else, you are a morning person who is independent, does not procrastinate, has a very clean aesthetic, takes care of yourself, and is an excellent observer of people. 


Reagan Fan (11) shares that her go-to Starbucks order is “a hot matcha latte with less syrup although it use to be a java chip frappuccino.” Reagan had grown out of her frappuccino phase as she grew as a person. Reagan’s friends would say she is “hardworking, independent, and cares about the value of her education.” Perhaps other matcha lovers can relate to Reagan and her personality.


Black Dark Roast

The first thing that comes to mind is seriousness. It’s definitely easy to imagine an older adult ordering this drink on his/her way to work. If this is your go-to drink, I am sorry for whatever work-related stress you are going through; I know you are probably a workaholic but try to take it easy. Also, I have a feeling you are not a morning person (which is why you need this to wake you up) and you are a “don’t talk to me until the caffeine has kicked in” kind of person. 


Pink Drink/Refreshers

Pink drinks and refreshers take me back to my middle school days; every girl would be walking into school with a colorful drink in their Starbucks cup. So, from past experience, I’d say you are Gen-Z, and if you’re not, you are probably very young at heart. Elaborating on your personality, you are bright, bubbly, social, and positive; someone who lights up every room and someone who people like to be around.



Those who are real frappuccino fans will order a frappuccino from Starbucks regardless of the weather. Whether the sun is out or it’s pouring rain, you cannot live without this icy, sweet drink. No matter what flavor frappuccino you order, you are a cheerful person with a sweet tooth who is young at heart. Although you are not the most organized person (totally not speaking from personal experience…), you are very cool (like the drink) and know how to have a good time. 


Bone Dry Cappuccino

You are someone who has a lot on your plate which is why you need this extra boost every morning to get your day going. When it comes to caffeine, your motto is “the stronger the better” and you are just trying to get through the day. Your schedule is insanely busy and you always seem to be in a rush, whether it be because of work or taking care of your kids (usually older adults are the ones to order this). In fact, you probably don’t even have the time to spare to order this drink, but it is crucial to your survival. 


Sweet Cream Cold Brew

You are also someone who drinks caffeine on the daily; however, it is not because of your incredibly packed schedule that you need this, you simply just don’t know any other way to start your day. Besides, what could be better than starting your day with a cold coffee with some sweetness mixed in? Personally, you give me the impression of being a hard worker who is motivated to reach their goals. 


Hot Chocolate/White Hot Chocolate

If you order hot chocolate, either you are not old enough to drink coffee, you are feeling nostalgic about your childhood, or you are trying to get into that winter holiday spirit. Even if you are not a kid, you are clearly a kid at heart (not much explanation needed). However, if you order white hot chocolate, that’s a different story. I have never heard of anyone order white hot chocolate, and frankly, I am not sure you exist if you do. If this somehow does apply to you, congratulations, you are incredibly special and unique. You don’t blend in with the crowd and that’s likely for a reason; you were born to stand out and be different.


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Everyone has their own personality, yet there are only two types of people in the world: those who like pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks and those who don’t. If you do enjoy this taste of fall, you are a very spirited, peppy person who loves the holidays. Not only do you go all out on holiday/season themed outfits and decorations, you go all out on food and drinks too. 


Build Your Own

Two pumps of mocha, one pump of caramel, one shot of espresso, change the milk to almond milk… the possibilities are endless. If this is you and you tend to customize your Starbucks drink (sometimes into drinks that never tasted possible), you are extra in the best way. Not only are you decisive (you definitely know what you want), but you are also creative (not just with your order), spontaneous (trying new things), and unique (setting trends rather than just following them). Because of your open and extra personality, you are sometimes more than some people can handle. Good thing you are not the kind of person who cares what others think of you; the best thing you can do is be yourself.


In middle school, I would order the mocha frappuccino; I was a frappuccino girl. Then, I had a super long caramel macchiato phase and a latte phase, which included pumpkin spice lattes. I was more of a hot coffee drinker until college when I became an iced coffee drinker. In college, I started to get into more of the cold brews and stronger caffeine.

— Ms. Waltemeyer

So far throughout her life, Ms. Waltemeyer (Staff) has already had many different Starbucks phases. Currently, Ms. Waltemeyer’s “go-to Starbucks drink is [either] a salted cream cold brew or a mango dragonfruit lemonade refresher.” From her teenage years to her adult years, Ms. Waltemeyer recalls how “in middle school, I would order the mocha frappuccino; I was a frappuccino girl. Then, I had a super long caramel macchiato phase and a latte phase, which included pumpkin spice lattes. I was more of a hot coffee drinker until college when I became an iced coffee drinker. In college, I started to get into more of the cold brews and stronger caffeine.” Ms. Waltemeyer’s Starbucks journey goes to prove that your Starbucks drink changes, matures, and grows with you through different stages in your life. When asked how her current go-to drinks represent her personality, Ms. Waltemeyer expresses that the mango dragonfruit lemonade refresher, which has very tropical flavors, reminds her of trips to Hawaii and Mexico. As for the salted cream cold brew, “I think it relates to my personality because it is strong with a sweet side and I feel like that is me. I definitely have a sweet side, but if I need to be strong, that side [of me] is there.”


How accurately was I able to describe you based on your Starbucks order? Hopefully, I was close, but if I wasn’t, you could also take that as a sign of being special and fitting outside of the cup mold.