Recap of Homecoming Friday


After winning, Yorba Linda High School’s 2022 homecoming queen, Olivia Yackey, was greeted by her two best friends.

Emma Perron, Editor

One of the most awaited times in the school year is Homecoming. People are asking for weeks, finding a dress/outfit, planning dinner, homecoming week, the rally, football game, and the dance itself. Homecoming is spread out for many weeks.

On October 7, 2022, Yorba Linda High School had its homecoming rally to meet our prince/princess and senior courts. We also saw Dance Co perform, Cheer and Song, games played during the rally, and our homecoming king was announced.

Our ASB put in a lot of hard work and time to make the rally, halftime, and dance special for all our students here at Yorba Linda High School. Our gym was set up with stars, balloons, and hand-painted characters, Maddie Kerr (11) and Aidan Minzter (11) dressed up as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. Our theme was A Night In Neverland, so our ASB executed the idea perfectly.

The start of the rally was a performance by Dance Co. They had prepared a wonderful dance to music about Neverland and Peter Pan. Dance Co was wearing white tank tops and green skirts to fit the theme of Peter Pan.

After a fantastic performance, we had our Cheer and Song team perform. They brought intensity and made the crowd scream for joy. With back handsprings, back tucks, stunts, and redhead wraps like pirates; our cheer team put on a great show to get us excited for the rest of the pep rally. Next, our song team had buns with green ribbons to be like Tinker Bell; they had a great routine for us that got the crowd on their toes and ready for the rest of the rally.

We also had our drumline and Colorguard perform. The beat of the drums and the flags being thrown created a beautiful scene for our students to watch and cheer on.

After all the fantastic performances, the game portion of the rally had begun. All four grades went against each. The game consisted of four people for each grade; two were holding a blown-up boat float, while the others were about 10 yards away. The two people were 10 yards away; one spun the other around ten times while they were blindfolded. After that, they walked about five yards, and the blindfolded person tried throwing balls at the blown boat. In both rallies, the seniors won.

Waiting to see all of our homecoming courts, we watched performances and games. After all the fun, our courts finally walked and introduced us.

Our freshman prince was Onassis Lim
Our freshman princess was Francesca Albu

Sophomore Court:
Our sophomore prince was Donovan Wesselmann
Our sophomore princess was Teagan Miley

Junior Court:
Our junior prince was Hudson Allen
Our junior princess was Sophia Douriet

Senior Court Girls:
Olivia Yackey
Abigail Young
Francesca Valenzuela
Natalie Neal
Thalia Lopez

Our last court was senior boys, and during the rally, it was announced who our king was.
Senior Court Boys:
Jackson Reiter
Wyatt Mosier
Brett Barrera
Chris Sharp
Nichola Wilson

During the rally, a video was shown to announce our king. Coach Bailey and the king’s brother spoke many kind words about our king. Our Homecoming 2022 King was Nicholas Wilson.

Later that night, during the football game at halftime. In the first half of the football game, the Mustangs dominated and put on a good show for our Stable and parents to watch. During halftime, our courts walked again, and our queen was announced.
The ceremony consisted of the senior court walking up onto the stage; they were handed glass jars filled with fairy lights. All at the same time, they switched on the lights and whoever lighted up was the queen.

Our homecoming queen was Olivia Yackey. “Winning homecoming queen was memorable for me and one of the highlights of my senior year. I can’t wait to look back at that moment and remember what it was like in high school, having the time of my life with my best friends,” states Olivia Yackey (12.)

After the halftime show of finding out are homecoming queen, the football game continues. We had successfully beat Esperanza 48-7.

Our Homecoming Friday was a success and something our school always looked forward to. Congratulations to our courts and the King and Queen.