Madison Taylor Baez: Rising Star


Madison and her father who was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Simran Vaswani, PhotoJournalist

Madison Taylor Baez is a young rising star with a striking voice. You may have seen her on America’s Got Talent or Netflix, but her story is much more than just that. She has many great accomplishments and her talent is unmatched. Maddie has accomplished so much in such a short span, which is truly outstanding.

Her first appearance on TV was in Selena: the Series on Netflix. At just 9 years old, Madison played a young version of Selena Quintanilla, an award winning artist who was known as “The Queen of Tejano Music” and was nominated for the Skyline Performer Award for best performance in a TV movie/mini series. Recently, she was on America’s Got Talent because of an unlikely occurrence. Madison was asked to sing during a break and shocked both the judges and audience with her talent. Invited on to the stage to audition, Maddie received The Golden Buzzer from Judge Howie Mandel for an amazing performance. In an interview with Madison Baez herself, she states “just being able to be on AGT had always been my dream, but being able to get the golden buzzer and move on to the live rounds was so much more than I could ever [have] imagined. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be on the show and so happy I was able to share my voice with the world.” Madison has been singing her whole life and will continue to do so. “I first got into music when I was about 3 years old. My dad had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and I loved to sing to him to make him feel better. I would sing to him throughout all of his Chemo treatments, surgeries, and I never stopped from there.” Madison continues to inspire her father by singing for him, and singing for others.

Madison Taylor Baez, a young star with unmatched talent.

Currently, she is working on a new show, “Let the Right One In”, a thriller about the hardships and struggles of being a vampire. Madison plays the main character Eleanor Kanee, a 12 year old girl who was bitten by a vampire and has been on the run for the past 10 years. Her father, Mark (Demian Bichir) does whatever he has to keep his daughter from becoming a vampire. This series was released on Showtime on October 9th 2022. 

Maddie at the America’s Got Talent live shows.

It’s hard to be a child actor, and Maddie is a great example of the dedication it takes. Something that inspires Madison is “sharing [her] voice with the world.” She explains that her “dream has been to inspire others (especially kids) to follow their dreams and never give up.” For other people who want to pursue this career path, Maddie believes that “no matter what your dream is, always make sure you are having fun and this is your true passion. I would also say to never give up and always follow your dreams. Always be sure to put in the work, give it your all, and have patience because sometimes success takes time”.

I have known Maddie for a few years now, and she is the future of the entertainment industry. She has so much potential, and always has the best attitude.”

— Sophia Jones

Sophia Jones (9) says that “I have known Maddie for a few years now, and she is the future of the entertainment industry. She has so much potential and always has the best attitude.”

I agree with Madison in every way. It is important to not give up and to take time to achieve what you want. Maddie is a great performer and has accomplished more than I can even dream of. We are so excited to see what she has planned for us in the future!