What To Do This Fall



In Downtown Disney, they have created a fun opportunity to find pumpkins painted at Disney Characters around Downtown for you to find/hunt. When you find all the pumpkins, you receive a prize at the end.

Emma Perron, Editor

The idea of fall and the activities to do is what people love. Fall has just begun and is most people’s favorite time with the weather cooling down, Halloween in less than a month, and Thanksgiving in two months. About two and half months of fall leaves many activities for people to do and explore. 

A viral activity that lasts all fall season is pumpkin patches. Pumpkin patches have something for everyone, whether for little kids, teens, or adults. In Yorba Linda, most pumpkin patches have opened and are ready for customers to come and have an enjoyable time. 

Another thing that pumpkin patches can lead to is painting pumpkins. On Tik Tok right now, many people are buying pumpkins, and instead of craving them, they are painting them with cute designs or even Halloween designs. 

Starting with more interactive activities is Disneyland. There is a hunt to find pumpkins hidden all over downtown Disney in Downtown Disney. When you walk into Downtown Disney, you can buy a board to find all the hidden pumpkins painted as Disney characters. When you find all of them and put the stickers on the board correctly, you return them to a cast member. The Cast Member will take the board and give you a toy pumpkin in return. 

Two other popular activities are Knotts Scary and Universal Horror Nights. These are separate events from Knotts Berry and Universal Studios and will require individual tickets to attend. These two events are scarier and should only go if not affected by horror.

These horror activities include monsters walking around to scare people, mazes to walk through, and shows to watch. These types of things can cause stress and excitement; Nayeli Ramirez (11) states, “I was nervous for Horror Nights because it is known to be scary, but by the end of it, I had a ton of fun. I loved making new memories with my siblings and getting the chance to spend time with them.” 

To go along with Halloween are costumes. Dressing up for Halloween becomes bigger and bigger each year. People throw parties and go to events, and on the night of Halloween, people dress up for all of it. An excellent place to look for ideas is Pinterest or Tik Tok. There are many stores to shop at, or you can make the costume yourself. Halloween is a chance to have fun and use your creative side. 

One last thing to do with all of the fall that is not an activity but is loved by many is the outfits to go with fall. The idea of fall and the outfits are a favorite for most people. People love flannels, sweaters, jeans, boots, hats, etc. Fall allows people to express themselves through fall fashion. 

Fall is a loved season, and there is so much to do during this time. Go out and try something new with family or friends.