Fantasy Football for Dummies

With the popularity of fantasy football on a rise, here’s a quick and easy rundown on what it all means.

The Beacon

With the popularity of fantasy football on a rise, here’s a quick and easy rundown on what it all means.

Emma Safari, Photojournalist

Let us start with the basics and ask the question that’s been on everybody’s mind, what is fantasy football? In simple terms, Fantasy football is essentially a way for players of the game to create and manage their own virtual football teams, then play against their friends. Within the game, players can draft their own rosters, which consist of real-life players that range from rookies to the most valuable players in the current National Football League, also known as the NFL.

“Fantasy football is basically a way where people who love football can be more dialed into players, and names, and things like that.”

— Mr. Doman

“Each year you have a draft of possible players that you would want on your team. Wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and sometimes defenses and kickers,” says Mr. Doman (Staff).

Now, how do you win the game? Easy. It is based on a point system that correlates to real-life events. Every single virtual player in the game is linked to the real-life NFL player. This means that if a real-life player scores a touchdown or rushes a certain amount of yards during an NFL game, the virtual player gains a certain amount of points. For example, one point is gained for every 25 passing yards, every ten receiving yards, and every ten passing yards. Although, players can also lose points by fumbling the ball or throwing an interception. By drafting the most promising virtual players, the team ‘manager’, which, in this instance, would be the player of the game, earns points for their drafted team. After the players of the game have selected their teams, their teams play other fantasy teams. These teams can be teams that belong to friends, family, and even co-workers. 

As of now, the staff and Yorba Linda High School have a league all of their own. Many of the teachers participate in hopes of earning bragging rights over their fellow co-workers. However, the tables can still be turned. According to Mr. Doman (Staff), “I am currently losing. I’m 0-2, I’ve lost to two teachers here on campus but I might possibly win this week against Mr. Bradford depending on how the games this week go.”

As the extension of the real NFL, fantasy football is slowly but surely taking over. According to, almost 40 million Americans play the game, it is picking up speed quickly. So, with this speedy rundown on the world of fantasy football, try it out for yourself. Perhaps you might even win a few games. Good luck to all the current staff and students who are rooting for their drafted teams, may your choices work in your favor!