Why The Stable Is Important?


Emma Perron

On August 26, 2022, the Mustangs had their first home game of the season. Our Stable showed up for a blackout to cheer on our football team, ending in a 28-13 win.

Emma Perron , Editor

Throughout high school experiences, one usually sticks out as the most memorable. That is student sections for football games, basketball games, CIF games, etc. At Yorba Linda High School, our student section is something that brings our school together, and we act like one big family. The Stable is our student section which proudly will cheer on any sport and will always get a high spirit to help out. 

The Stable demonstrates how our school is like one big family that comes together to help out. Even though we are all different, we share one thing in common: the love for our school and cheering for our sports. 

This year The Stable is run by Hergun Kaur and Abby Young. Both seniors at Yorba Linda High School have high energy to bump up the crowd. They take great pride in running The Stable and want everyone to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience throughout high school. So far this school year, they have done a fantastic job inviting people and allowing them to be a part of something so prominent in our school. 

With excitement, The Stable wants everyone to join and participate in cheering on our fellow Mustangs in brutal battles. Going to football games and participating in The Stable shows “how our community of YLHS can come together as one and have fun,” said Abby Young (12).

Our other Stable leader, Hergun Kaur (12), adds, “it shows our support to our athletes at Yorba Linda High School. We have the opportunity to make them feel loved, so we take the most out of it with posters, themes, props, and our fun cheers.”

Along with the fun our Stable brings, it is a way to show our spirit and compete with other schools for Orange County Student Sections. Once a week, videos and pictures are submitted to compete for the best student section. Yorba Linda always sends in our most spirited videos to help us win. Lately, we have been named the student section of the week. 

It was a pouring rain game two weeks ago against San Juan Hills; we still had a fantastic turnout of students in The Stable to cheer on our Mustangs. Abby Young (12) states, “we always end up on OC Student Sections because we always bring a great energy, and we show up to cheer rain or shine.” 

Throughout our high school experience, we have those moments in our life that we will remember forever, and high school student sections are one of them. As of right now, we come out every week to support the football boys and cheer them on for another win.

Hergun (12) explains, “anyone I talk to says it is the best feeling to look up and see people in the stands at their games because they know we are here to watch them and support them.”  

With football being one of the most attended sports, The Stable is always packed with students from freshman to seniors who will cheer on our Mustangs. Our school is like one big family, and coming together to support each other in sports shows our love for our school and community. 

The Stable is for everyone, and we want people to help cheer on our Yorba Linda High School athletes who put in many hours to perform well and help us be more excited for them. Along with the Stable are Cheer and Song, pumping up the crowd and cheering on football from the sidelines.

I love knowing that our athletes feel appreciated for all the hard work they put in. This year has been unlike anything I have seen in The Stable because everyone has so much energy, and the turnout is incredible. ”

— Hergun Kaur (12)

With half of the football season left, we want our Stable to be packed and full of excitement until basketball season comes around. ASB encourages everyone to come out and cheer for our Mustangs; we are one big family that loves each other. To end it perfectly, Abby Young (12) states, “The Stable matters so much to our sports because it shows our peers support our sport and we come together as a whole to cheer and root for our Mustangs.” Hergun Kaur (12) also says, “I love knowing that our athletes feel appreciated for all the hard work they put in. This year has been unlike anything I have seen in The Stable because everyone has so much energy, and the turnout is incredible.”

Come to The Stable to support our athletics and cheer on our Mustangs for everything they do. The next opportunity is September 30 against El Dorado(away); the theme is Adam Sandler. 


Upcoming Stable opportunities:

October 7 against Esperanza (home)

October 14 against Villa Pak (home)

October 21 against Foothill (home)

October 28 against Brea (away)