Porto’s: A New Addition to Downtown Disney

Here are two of Porto’s various pastries and desserts: the Fresh Fruit Tartlet and Mango Mousse Bomb, both with the signature Porto’s ‘P’ chocolate decor.

Milla Jans, Photojournalist

It’s only been in the past year that society has started to get back to what is considered the “new normal”. There are more people walking around, going to shops and amusement parks, and eating at restaurants and cafes. One of these cafes is Porto’s, whose business is headquartered in Southern California. This beloved eatery is becoming part of Downtown Disney, Anaheim, and will surely bring happiness to those who enjoy eating savory and sweet pastries. Not only will Porto’s carry on Disney’s motto, “The happiest place on Earth,” but it will also bring its history. Porto’s was founded by Rosa Porto, who developed a love for baking at a young age. As stated on Porto’s website, “Rosa was born on the island of Cuba where she grew up surrounded by the smell of sweet creations made from recipes brought by her mother, who was originally from the Galicia region of Spain,” (Our Story 1). Although Rosa’s life had its definite downs, such as getting laid off from her job, she was able to utilize her baking talents to support her family and gain support of people who wholeheartedly loved the results of her baking.

That group of people continued to grow as the business expanded, and will rise even further once the cafe moves into Downtown Disney. If someone went to experience the excitement of Disneyland or California Adventure, they would be able to taste the mouthwatering sensations of Porto’s pastries as well. Some of their signature items include their Cheese Rolls®, Potato Balls®, and Refugiados®— more commonly known as their guava and cheese strudel. All of these pastries, along with many other foods and desserts, will make a sweet addition to Disney’s future.

This new location could even impact students and their futures. According to their website, Porto’s bakery offers “internships, restaurant training, as well as career opportunities to hundreds of high school students in the Los Angeles Region,” (Community 5). Although it hasn’t been said if the Porto’s in Downtown Disney will provide these opportunities, it would be a good thing to look out for.

Porto’s bakery attains over 10 million customers per year, and a spot in Downtown Disney could bring Porto’s popularity and recognition up by a respectable amount. Madison Waltemeyer (Staff), the business teacher at Yorba Linda High School, stated that “…[this] could only benefit Porto’s, primarily because Downtown Disney is a high attraction for tourists and even just local Californians alike.” The high-selling bakery will be joining in on the flocks of people that buy and consume food at Downtown Disney restaurants, which will heighten their numbers of customers.

In the circumstance that someone is not able to visit Downtown Disney, the bakery has many other locations, including those in West Covina, Glendale, Buena Park, Northridge, and more. People who do not live in California can order bake-at-home goods from Porto’s site to be delivered straight to their door. All it takes is unpackaging the delivery and popping the pastry into the oven to have a fresh baked good sitting right on the table.

The spot that Porto’s will be taking over in Downtown Disney has not yet been announced, but be sure to lookout for the name and a logo of a “P” inside a chef’s hat!