Importance Of Family



Family brings happiness, support, and guidance to our lives. Cherish the moments and time spent with them.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Family plays such a significant role in everyone’s life, whether positive or negative. It is a foundation in our lives and a support system we can lean on. Our family helps raise us and help us grow up into the people we become. Families can look different for many, and that is okay. There are married parents, single parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, stepparents, and adoptive parents. Family is all that matters, and it is such a strong foundation in our lives. 

Family relationships can be both beneficial and damaging to ourselves and others. Some families mean everything to each other and get along well. On the other hand, some families can rip each other apart and damage each other’s mental health. 

The foundation of our life is our family, and how your family acts and raises you can really make you better or tear you down. Your family is there through all your significant milestones. They are there for the birth, first steps, first birthday, first words, school, sports, grades, etc. 

Your family can be the support and guidance you need in life. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles, and more can help you through a challenging time. They can also give advice if need be. Your family is a group of people whom you can depend upon so you will never feel alone. Nayeli Ramirez (10) states, “My family is important to me because I know I can rely on them for anything. If I’m having problems with friends, school, or anything else, I know I could talk to them without being betrayed.”

Our parents act as role models and teachers to us. Our guardians teach us to walk, speak, and many more things. They teach us habits because at a young age, children tend to copy what their parents do. Guardians have a big responsibility of first raising a child and teaching them right and respectfully. 

Our family can help lead us on the right path and help us achieve our goals and dreams. On the other hand, some parents do not care, which leads children down the wrong path, causing them to make bad decisions. This is why family is vital to our lives and helps us grow throughout our life. 

Family is not just for growing up; family never leaves. They are always there for you even when you grow up, get married, move away, or experience hard times. Family is the foundation and roots of our lives. We must cherish the time and dedication they have given us.