Why Are Friendships Important?

Life is not meant to go through without people who can make a bad day better and turn cries into laughter.


Life is not meant to go through without people who can make a bad day better and turn cries into laughter.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Being told to surround yourself with good friends and people is an overused statement, but these words should be taken to heart. Being surrounded by people who bring you down or don’t support you is an awful feeling.

Friendships in our life come and go quite often, and there is nothing you can do about it. While going through life, most people will have two or three good friends. Throughout life, you are meant to have people to love and celebrate with. Having friendships with people can do much for your happiness and mental health. 

Going through life when having a shoulder to cry on, a friend to make you laugh or smile, and someone to support you in all you do is a must. Life is not meant to be done without people by your side to make memories with. 

Making new friends in school, soccer, or any other activity helps with social skills. Just having friends has so many benefits to yourself and the other person.

Having good friends can help with depression, improve moods, reduce stress, increase the support you have, and help you boost yourself during tough times. Good friends should never make you feel bad about yourself or bring you down. 

One main reason why friends are so important is because friends give you someone that can help support you. Sadly, many people today do not feel like people support them. Supportive people can help someone so much in our life, whether it is with a life decision, school, sports, or even just a simple choice. Dayana Pina (11) expresses, “Having someone that supports me in my life when I doubt myself makes things so much easier.” 

Finding true friends is never an easy process; losing friends you thought would be in your life forever is also difficult. There is so much time to find one solid best friend, but everyone is rushing to find someone. All you need in life is a few good friends to help you through the crazy journey of life. 

Friendships are essential to have; laughs, smiles, cries, and memories can be shared together. Friends who genuinely care for you will always have your best interest in mind and will do anything to keep you as their friend. Searching years and years for good people is complicated, and sometimes it feels hopeless, but when you find that one true friend, life falls into place, and you seem to be a little happier.