A Californian Holiday


Photo taken by Alexis Rodriguez.

The sun shines upon the YLHS Quad during one of California’s plentiful warm days.

Alexis Rodriguez, Layout Editor

Every one always makes a joke about how it’s fall or winter, and California is 80 degrees. While some are getting snowed in across the country, we always seem to have a continual heat wave. These past couple weeks we’ve experienced some sense of diversity as the cloud coverage reached an all-time high, and the temperature did quite the opposite. Needless to say, it felt like winter. The entirety of YL got to break in their annual fuzzy sock wear and drink their hot cocoa without breaking a sweat.


All you California newbies must have had a good laugh as us natives quickly scrambled for our thickest sweaters as soon as the thermometers dipped below 70. When Chicago-born Ashley Abel(11) was asked what she though about Yorba Linda’s reaction to the cold, she responded, “It’s so weird! You’re all in Uggs, and I’m in sandals.” However, things got so chilly up in these hills that the Twitter scene even blew up where everyone’s cellular weather apps offered up the chance of SNOW. Yes, it would have been historical. Except, SoCal really lived up to its heated expectations & that forecast was a bust. No snow for YL. “I didn’t get my hopes up because I knew it wouldn’t snow here, but when it snowed in other cities close by, I was really shocked,” contested Brittany Hutchison(12)


Alas, here we are, the first week back to school from our (almost) white winter break and, of course, it’s 80 degrees. To those poor souls who arrived at school in their sweatshirts and jeans on Monday morning only to find their peers in shorts and tank tops, tough luck. With faulty smartphone forecasts though, you never really know. As our ever-changing weather remains on the move to mess with our wardrobes and cozy holiday feels, just be thankful we don’t have negative degree blizzards, and remember what it means to live in Southern California.