When Does Popularity End?

Popularity is wanting to be high in status and doing anything to gain the status.


Popularity is wanting to be high in status and doing anything to gain the status.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Ever since elementary school, popularity ruled our lives. We were always trying to fit in and change ourselves just to be liked by people who would end up being fake friends. Emma Tamparong (11) states, “It is sad to see people who hate their life because they want to fit in.” 

People crave attention, want love, and only care about who praises them, not who likes them. Humans only care about their status and not about how they truly feel. Students and other people later in life consume all their energy while trying to maintain a popular status. All their attention and focus is being on top. 

When people do not fit into the “popular” group, they think about why they aren’t good enough or what they need to change. So many people do not realize that life is better with living the way you want with people who support you and honestly care. 

Students in high school care more about status than likeability. Peaking in high school is commonly paired with popularity. Commonly, people who peak in high school do not end up as happy later in life. 

Going through life when feeling like you are the “loser” or “unpopular” kid is a horrible feeling that no kid should be thinking about. Popularity has consumed life since first grade. They want to do everything to be liked and be a people-pleaser to others. They are following people around like they are the “leader’s” minions. 

How are popular people even defined? What are they doing to be where they are? Humans either wear the right clothes, post cute photos or even have connections with popular people. People in middle school and high school believe they rule people or think they are above everyone. 

Since elementary and middle school, there have been people known as popular and unpopular. This carries over to high school. People also end up being “popular” by sports or even other activities on campus. 

So does popularity end? You still see it in college and famous people’s lives. Famous people battle to be more liked by people to be on top or feel more loved. They compete in movies or music to win over more people on fan bases. 

Popularity will never end, which is such a constant in our lives today. All anyone can do is be themselves and find people who love and treat you right and have your back. Live your life not worrying about being liked.