All Levels of YLHS Women’s Soccer Program Won League


Emma Perron

All levels of the Yorba Linda Women’s Soccer Program won the league, becoming league champions.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

With winter sports coming to an end, the Yorba Linda High School Women’s Soccer Program had a very successful season. Undoubtedly, the preseason started rocky, but all teams meshed together and defeated all their opponents towards the end.

The season was a little different from usual, with only playing the same three teams three times, allowing everyone to work on skills and tactics. This year, 2021-2022, the women’s program won the league on all levels. 

The team won the league on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, starting with Frosh against Brea Olinda. Maddie JeanBlanc, within 10 minutes of the game, scored the first goal to put the Frosh team on the board. 

The Frosh team battled hard throughout the game, had spectacular passes, worked on their skills, and had outstanding communication. 

Coach Emma Khamo trained the team and led them through the phenomenal season. All the girls love the family environment and fun memories that will last a lifetime. Within six weeks, the Frosh/Soph team killed it and defeated Foothill, El Modena, and Brea Olinda. 

The second team to win the league is JV. The JV Mustangs became league champions on Thursday, January 27, 2022, when they beat Foothill 3-0 on the home field. Preseason was rocky and rough for this team, but they dominated all opponents when the season came around. 

Kaitlyn Jaminson (9) adds, “Winning league meant so much to me because as a team we worked so hard to get there. This team had a super great connection and everyone felt like they had a place. The way we always tried our hardest to make sure we did the best we could was amazing.” 

While starting the season off with a 5-0 win against Foothill, the Mustangs ended with a 9-0 win against Brea Olinda. Ending league with a record of 8-0-1, the girls will miss playing a sport they love, but even more, they will miss the friendships and memories created. 

 Ending January on the best note, the Mustangs won against El Modena 2-0. This game allowed the Varsity Mustangs to become league champions. Throughout all of the season, the Varsity Mustangs had team bonding, dinner parties, and team dance parties in the team room. 

The Yorba Linda Women’s Varsity team is headed to CIF. Alex Flor leads the girls during the 2021-2022 season. As Natalie Jaminson (12) predicted at the beginning of the season, “We are winning league and going to CIF.” 

The Varsity team is heading to CIF and play on February 12, 2022 at 5pm, at our home field. 

All levels of the Women’s Soccer Program winning the league is a huge success to the school and the program itself. League Champions is something to celebrate, and everyone should know. 

Congratulations to the Women’s Soccer Program for this big achievement. Good Luck to the Women’s Varsity team in CIF.