Attention Juniors, It’s time for college applications!


Katelyn Ruggles

You can book an appointment with the counselors at YLHS by going on the school website, under the counseling tab. Make sure to consider which counselor is under your last name before booking an appointment.

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor

Calling all  juniors! This message is for you. As we enter the second semester of our third year of high school, it is time we face a scary truth. College is coming. I know, I can not believe it either. Something that seemed so far away freshman year, something that we pushed off sophomore year, and something that we tried not to think about as we started junior year is now right around the corner. The monster that college applications are sounds way too intimidating as a whole, so I am here to break it down for you, giving you a guide to how you should start your college journey. 

The first step to college applications is finding out what college you want to go to. There are multiple factors that play into this decision. Of course, when just applying it would be too difficult to wind it down to one college, which is okay since you should apply to multiple colleges anyways to have options and safety blankets. 

One factor to consider when deciding between which colleges to go to is the major you want to pursue. Most schools have strong programs for certain majors, so to benefit you post college, it is better to go to colleges with a strong program for the major you have. This will allow you to get the most out of your college experience, while also keeping college interesting and pushing you towards something you are passionate about. However, it is common that students are not set on a specific major yet when applying to colleges, and this is where other factors come into play. 

Locations of colleges are also something to think about when applying. The school itself is not the only thing you need to factor in, for outside reasons can also make or break your college experience. If you are not in an environment that you will strive in, possible setbacks can be placed on your mental health and motivation to actually go to class and do work. Feeling homesick is not rare when leaving for college, so going someplace that you know you will enjoy will have a positive effect towards your college experience. 

One of the most important, if not most important parts of applying to college is knowing if you meet the acceptance guidelines. Things to consider when applying to colleges are if you meet their GPA requirements, if you need to take the ACT or SAT to be accepted, and if you have prepared yourself with extracurricular throughout college to stand out from other applicants. This is usually the part that stresses students out the most. Luckily, we have three amazing counselors on campus that will work with students to help them see which colleges are in your range. 

Camille Khong (11) comments on the factors of choosing a college to attend, saying that

It is important to consider factors you would never even think about and making sure that wherever you go to college is fit for you under all conditions.”

— Camille Khong


College may be a daunting thought, but once you break down which factors to consider when looking at colleges to apply to, it will hopefully relieve stress. College is where students will prosper and truly do what they are passionate about, setting themselves up for the future. When applying and thinking about colleges, keep this in mind and have a positive mindset to relieve any anxiety.