Core Memories

All of our emotions are triggered by certain people, days, and event in our life. Inside Out  shows how we have core memories for each of the 5 main feelings.

All of our emotions are triggered by certain people, days, and event in our life. Inside Out shows how we have core memories for each of the 5 main feelings.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

The famous movie Inside Out, which came out in 2015, has struck many people’s hearts. So many people are trying to figure out their emotions, and a new trend is going around of people attempting to cast the emotions as actors and actresses in their life. 

The five primary emotions in people’s lives are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. These are the five core emotions, and what are yours? 

In the movie Inside Out, each emotion has a core memory for the person’s brain. 

What is your earliest core memory of joy in your life? Happiness can be learning to ride a bike, your first stuffed animal or favorite toy, sports, games, amusement parks, or anything you can remember that brought you joy. 

Nayeli Ramirez (10) expresses, “I think a core memory of mine was when my siblings and I would play Just Dance. It was a way to be all together and something to look forward to. Little memories like that bring me joy.”

Joy is not just about feeling happy; it is about what brought you joy. Feeling a certain way does not need to be  surface level; it can go deeper in you and mean different things. The core memory can have a deeper meaning of family, friends, trust, and many other things. 

No one enjoys sadness, yet everyone needs to feel it to know what happiness feels like. A core memory for sorrow could be when older as you develop rather than a little kid, or even as a little kid remembering something tragic happening. 

Sadness is an emotion in which losing something, someone, an interest, and even something deeper inside causes unbearable pain. 

An emotion that pops up probably a considerable amount of time is fear. Fears are such an enormous range from something so tiny and seemingly insignificant that they could cause trauma to some. Fears could be failing a test, darkness, spiders, snakes, heights, clowns, never being successful, being taken away from family, being abused, kidnapped, or even death itself. 

Whether the fear in life has changed, the first one will always be the most memorable. The first memory to come up with fear is the core memory. Fear is such a broad area that a core memory could be anything, even when little. 

Sadly, an emotion that could hit hard for some is anger. Anger can be found within ourselves or someone trying to tick us off. 

Older siblings can make you mad throughout being a little kid, which could be anger’s first/core memory. Anger can be fueled through so many different ways in life, and everyone’s anger could look different, especially with how people react. 

The last core emotion in the five is disgust. Disgust can be food, people, objects, school, or even sounds. 

Disgust is not a very common emotion; the other emotions are more prominent. However, the emotion is very behavioral with the body. The feeling is still one needed to go through life. 

All of the emotions together create and shape your life. Every emotion is essential, and it helps us communicate with people. Our reaction to everything has a feeling to follow along. 

This movie is a fun family movie but does strike a lot of thought about emotions and how you function with and without all emotions. 

Joy and sadness can combine in one emotion, or even other emotions can combine. Not every feeling is itself. Many reactions and feelings can be mixed without knowing how to feel. We are all capable of handling these emotions and more. As we continue to go through life with these emotions, we begin to learn a lot about ourselves and those around us.