ACT and SAT Preparation

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Jordan Coley, Sports Editor

Almost every student at Yorba Linda High School will take either the ACT or SAT. Both of these tests are meant to test any high school student that is considering continuing their education past high school. The goal of the ACT and the SAT is to provide an equal testing experience for every student who the test is administered to. College Board defined the SAT as one that is, “designed to assess your academic readiness for college.” Multiple subjects are tested in each test to access one’s overall strengths and weaknesses.

Over the past few years, the ACT and SAT have gained prestige in the world of college applications. College administrators factor a student’s scores on the ACT and SAT very strongly. So if these tests are so important in deciding a student’s academic fate, how can one prepare themselves to perform at their very best? There are several strategies when considering studying for either the ACT or SAT, or both. Many choose to rely on their school teaching. Others, study on their own with the aid of outside resources. The remaining students use a tutoring program or private tutor.

Those who decide to study on their own often use many of the resources available. Several teachers have published online articles on how to “beat” the ACT and SAT. These highlight the strategies of how to receive a perfect score, or close to it. The makers of the ACT have a prep guide available for purchase. Inside the guide there are several practice tests, along with the solution guides to each test. Also, there are multiple practice essays in the rather large guide. College Board has a study guide available as well. It is very similar to the ACT prep guide.

Other students decide to hire the services of an outside source. While tutoring for the ACT and SAT can be costly, it has the ability to greatly improve one’s scores. Private tutoring is available through many tutoring companies. Group settings however, tend to be considerably cheaper than one on one sessions. Princeton Review and Elite are a few companies that many students of Yorba Linda go through.

Whether its relying on one’s past knowledge, studying on your own, or drawing knowledge from independent tutors, there are many ways for students to prepare for a potentially life changing test.