What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Finding your life purpose can be hard but once you find it everything in life becomes easier.


Finding your life purpose can be hard but once you find it everything in life becomes easier.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

We have all heard the phrase, “what is your purpose here on earth.” But what does that phrase mean to you? 

Having and knowing your purpose in life gives people a sense of happiness and feeling complete. When people know their purpose in life, they feel less stressed, and it is easier to focus on your purpose and live up to it. 

Everyone’s purpose in life is different, and it is based on your existence and how you feel about it. 

Sadly, it is not easy to find your purpose in life; it is hard to find out what this question even means for some people. Some people do not feel like they have a purpose, or they do not believe they belong here on Earth. 

Verywellmind talks about how only “25% of Americans adults cite having a clear sense of purpose about what makes their lives meaningful, and 40% claim they don’t know.”

A good amount of people go through the motions of life, which is being born, school, sports, work, having a family, growing old, then dying. There is a majority of humans who will never know their purpose in life. Throughout the long journey of life, people have a goal of helping people or themselves. 

Helpfully, people telling you what they appreciate about you and how you act towards others might help you understand and find your purpose here on Earth. 

A human’s purpose in life does not need to be something to help others; it can be anything that you genuinely enjoy and find happiness doing. 

Some ideas of people’s purpose on Earth are traveling, helping others, showing kindness to everyone they meet, having a family, working, and so much more. “I believe my purpose in life is to make others happy and to help them through challenging times.” Nayeli Ramirez (10)

Finding your purpose does not happen overnight; all the small events add up in someone’s life. Your life does not just have one purpose; you can have multiple purposes here on Earth and throughout your lifetime. 

People are lucky enough to find one sense of feeling happiness and completeness. When finding the purpose, you need to live your life with that purpose and improve it every day. 

Not all purposes make sense to peers, friends, family, and others, but as long as you feel in your heart that is your purpose on this Earth, live it every day. Choose to keep your purpose a core part of your life and use it for good. If your goal is far in the future, like having a successful life, make sure to do the best you can now to help prepare. 

If yours is to love your family or help others, then be the best person to them. Living on Earth is so complex, and many bumps and challenges are thrown your way, but finding your purpose, the core of your life, helps keep you grounded.