Crazy Cookie Day!

The Annual Holiday Cookie Day was a Huge Success!


Sarah Chen

This is just a portion of the cookies!

Sarah Chen, Photojournalist

The YLHS tradition holds that every year, PTSA Student Leadership treats the staff to homemade cookies. All 150 members of PTSA is required to bring a dozen homemade cookies for the entire staff–that makes about 2,000 cookies! The teachers thoroughly enjoyed this year’s treats.


PTSA students brought in the cookies on Monday, December 8th. The staff lounge was open all day for teachers to go in and enjoy. Every teacher and staff member is encouraged to take a gallon sized ziplock bag and fill it up with their favorite. They enjoyed the cookies throughout the day and were able to take as many as they want home.


Carly Jenican (10) was in charge of planning this year’s event. “I really love cookie day, because I feel that the teachers need to be appreciated more often,” said Carly. “I really like that everyone brings a different variety, since everyone has a different holiday favorite.” The students made every variety from snickerdoodle to peanut butter to decorated sugar cookies. Many cookies were decorated to the holiday theme. There were christmas tree cookies, christmas sprinkles cookies, and even christmas sweater cookies.


All day long, there were teachers and staff members going into the lounge and grabbing more cookies. By the end of the day, the teachers had taken and/or eaten over a thousand cookies. Mrs. Pike was even able to take two large containers to a local senior living center for them to enjoy.


This year, the PTSA Student Leadership has 150 members, the most members ever. Previous years, with slightly smaller groups, each student was asked to bake 2 dozen cookies. However, the leftovers were just too much, even with the students eating and taking them home. 150 members each bringing a dozen cookies still made a lot of leftovers that the students really enjoyed.


PTSA would like to thank all the teachers and hope that they enjoyed the homemade cookies!