First Time In School History: YLHS vs EHS Volleyball


Zaphera Fidelis

Kate Jacobsen (11) is cheering on her fellow teammates to help them stay energetic and hardworking during the match to win the biggest game for YL volleyball

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda Women’s Volleyball had their rivalry game against Esperanza on September 23, 2021. This game was an unexpected match between the schools. 


YLHS Women’s Volleyball Mustangs brought their high work rate and energy to the table. Their passes, sets, spikes, serves, digs, dives, and blocks were on point and did not disappoint the crowd. 


Courageously, the Women’s volleyball team took on Esperanza and put up a good fight. Establishing teamwork, outstanding communication, and cheering each other on right off the bat was easy for the lady mustangs. Aleina Morales (12) added, “Teamwork was important in this game because if we weren’t all in it together, we would have fallen apart. Each person on and off the court contributed to this game.”


The first match was definitely a hard battle, and Esperanza gave Yorba Linda a run for the money. Esperanza came in hard and wanted to fight for their winning title. Esperanza has won against Yorba Linda for the past 13 years since the school opened. Esperanza led 5-12 halfway through the match; after that, the teams battled back and forth. One point after another for both teams. 


In set one, the Mustangs lost 17-25, but with that being said, their energy and hard work did not stop. 


Heading into match two, YL started leading by 7-6. The work rate was high, and the communication on the court was exceptional. The Stable was helping cheer on our Lady Mustangs and keeping the energy in the gym high. 


Halfway through the set, the score was 11-19. EHS led, which ended up in a hard-fought win, and the score for match two was 16-25.  


Esperanza Aztecs believed to have the game in the bag, but the Mustangs had never given up hope. Fighting every minute for every point to win the game. 


In match three, the points were racking up. Esperanza believed they had won, but the Mustangs came in and wiped the Aztecs. The Stable was there to cheer on our school to keep the YL volleyball team from giving up. 


With the famous student section from our school, their cheering, and chants, ” gave the whole team confidence…we knew we could beat the Aztecs if we shifted our attitude and performance.” said Aleina Morales (12).


The performance from our Lady Mustangs was unbelievable and spectacular to witness. While the game’s outcome was 25-17, Mustangs had to work hard and come together as one to fight off the Aztecs. 


Yorba Linda was down one match to a tie, and EHS was leading 2-1 in sets and starting losing their spark. The game was exactly like the last three. Repeatedly, the teams battled back and forth, point by point. The serves and blocks in the match were out of the ordinary, and the team had acquired the confidence they needed to win against the Aztecs for the first time. 


The closest match between the rival schools was undoubtedly this one. Both teams were screaming and helping their teams, and parents were shouting and having trouble focusing on the game because of the intensity. The Stable vs. The Hut cheering and chanting at each other, making the game more interesting to hear and watch. 


People were on their toes waiting to see who would win match four, whether the Mustangs made it to another game to beat against Esperanza or Esperanza winning the whole game. Yet again, with the Mustangs powering through, it ended up in a 25-22 win for us.


Victory was 15 points away for the YL Varsity Women’s Volleyball team. Esperanza started to panic and had to call timeouts to slow down the roll of the Mustangs. The student section of Esperanza had gotten louder, but the Stable was always one step ahead. 


Match five went to 15 points, and this game everyone was on edge. Esperanza tries to defend their 13-year streak of winning, but the Mustangs will not allow them. Lady Mustangs had the best communication, energy, and teamwork, which allowed them to have the most memorable day of their high school careers. 


After about three hours, the 2021-22 Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team had won their game against the rival school, for the first time in school history.


Sydney Fried (12) had an impressive service which helped the Mustangs be ahead 14-13. Quickly, the next played started, and both teams had kept in bounds. Once returned to the YL girls’ side, Lois Hansen (11) spiked the ball, and Esperzana’s player couldn’t keep the ball in play, allowing the game to end in a 15-13 win.


Leaving Esperanza in agony and defeat, the Mustangs were celebrating that after 13 years, the Mustangs had won against Esperanza. Sydney Fried (12) tells us, “ We haven’t beaten them in 13 years. When it was 14-13 in the last set everyone knew we won. I say this because we were playing stronger and we showed we deserved to win. When we did win it felt like a dream. We beat Esperanza for the first time in over 13 years.”


Students, staff, and the team crying happy tears will be a moment to remember forever. The Varsity team of 2021-22 made school history and will be recognized as the team that beat Esperanza for the first time ever in the 13 years Yorba Linda High School has been opend. 


All the team wanted to do was make Coach Chavez proud, and to say the least, that is what they did. As a team, “we all talked about making Chavez proud and I can genuinely say we did that” Aleina Morales (12).


As the Mustangs wanted to celebrate after the exhausting five matches played, they went to In-n-Out. “Yorba Winda” was trending on their Instagram stories, and they let everyone know the unexpected and earned win against their rival and most challenging team to play. 


Congratulations to this year’s Women’s Varsity Volleyball team. Will you forever remember this moment vividly and keep this high above you as an accomplishment. Great work ladies, keep up the high energy and kill it the rest of the season.