Let’s Get Down to Business Introducing Mr. Bissic


Jeanelle Wu

Come meet Mr. Bissic in room 501, he would love to meet the students of YLHS!

Jeanelle Wu and Anjeli Webb

No educational institute stands out quite like Yorba Linda High School, and one reason is because of the successful Mustang Business Program. This year, Mr. William Bissic (S) is teaching this prestigious learning pathway, which includes three courses: Introduction to Business, Business Communication and Technology, and Business Management and Leadership.  People may be surprised to know that he is not only a teacher here at YLHS, but he also juggles teaching graduate students at Whittier College, writing songs and poems, co-owning a small business, managing musicians, and being a business consultant. Mr. Bissic provides Mustangs a special learning experience fueled by a fascinating life story.

Mr. Bissic had unique experiences during his childhood that influenced his methods of teaching and fathering. One such time was when he was presented with a positive reward to encourage him to try harder and persevere in academics. The new approach made a large impact on Mr. Bissic when his father expressed the following sentiment, “I’m always on your team, no matter how bad you are doing, but I expect more from you.” Mr. Bissic took this caring encounter and incorporated it into his own means of guiding his students and children.

An entrepreneur from the very beginning, Mr. Bissic opened a music studio and two venues before returning to college and officially studying music, fulfilling his promise to his mother. This magical teacher received his degree in music from Cal Poly Pomona after changing his focus from political science earlier in life. Mr. Bissic claims that “convincing a school that [he could] be their honors English teacher and then becoming a professor without having a PhD…” is his most significant career accomplishment. He would like his “students to be able to…know [their] worth and be able to articulate that to get the things that [they] want to get.”

Although he has only taught at YLHS for less than a month, Mr. Bissic has already made an impact on his students and established an admirable reputation amongst them. Kaitlin Yam (10), a student in Mr. Bissic’s Introduction to Business class, comments on how “he definitely has his own personality with his teaching style,” as well as how he “makes learning really fun…when he makes comparisons to the real world.” When asked to describe his teaching style, Mr. Bissic expresses, “I think my teaching style is relationships first, putting the care for students first.” Additionally, he strives for a deeper meaning in teaching. Being in a mentor position, Mr. Bissic feels that his main purpose is not only to educate students on business, but to teach them life skills through the content provided. As Mr. Bissic very well states, “I don’t care if you want to go into business, I just care that you have the skills that are going to allow you to be successful in the future, and I just use business as a conduit for you to achieve those life skills.” Many students enrolled in Mr. Bissic’s classes will agree that his instruction methods are eccentric, effective, and engaging. 

Within major accomplishments and milestones in his career and those to come, there is always a sense of drive that has gotten him to where he is. Mr. Bissic is a father to his three children: his 21-year-old son, 10-year-old son, and 6-year-old daughter, who are motivating him as he watches his “children grow up and come into their own being… and that’s super inspiring to [him].” Passing along valuable advice and wisdom, Mr. Bissic shares his motto “‘Live for your eulogy and not for your resume,’” a saying that had resonated with him from something he had once read. To Mr. Bissic, working for titles, awards, and other forms of acknowledgment just to put on his resume “doesn’t mean anything” compared to his want for leaving the legacy of “act[ing] in service to other people.” 

The relationship-oriented Mr. Bissic embodies another really popular advisor: the title character of Apple TV’s seven-time Emmy Award Winning (and Mr. Bissic’s current favorite) television series, Ted Lasso. Unlike his fictional counterpart, Mr. Bissic prefers tea rather than coffee. Although his style icon is earnest and serious Denzel Washington, Mr. Bissic would love to live a day in the life of the vivacious Will Smith. When not busy teaching high school or college students, managing his own artsy gift store Vital Pomona, or taking care of his three kids, Mr. Bissic would like to master playing the piano and visit Italy. As for his future plans, he simply states, “I’m not done dreaming.”

I’m not done dreaming”

— Mr. William Bissic

Yorba Linda Mustangs are thrilled to witness the Business Academy thrive under Mr. Bissic’s instruction. Bringing experience, understanding, and a touch of spontaneity to class, he will be able to elevate MBA students to their full potential. YLHS is proud to welcome Mr. Bissic as a part of the Mustang family.