Disneyland Updates


Ava El-Farra

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, iconic Mickey Ear’s and the magical experience Ava has when she spends her time here makes her feel as if “all {[her}] problems go away for a few hours”.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

The Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland, is back. With passes, new and changing rides, and Halloween spirit,  there is a whole new Disney environment. Disneyland is an amusement park known for bringing happiness to people, and now they have created more enjoyable ways to bring happiness. 


People were waiting anxiously for Disneyland to announce their new annual passes, and  on August 25, the Magic Key Passes were released. When having a pass, people still need to make a reservation, and if you do not show up for the reservation after three times, you are not allowed at Disneyland for a month. 


 There are four different pass levels: Imagine Key Pass, Enchant Key Pass, Believe Key Pass, and Dream Key Pass. 


Starting at the lowest price, $399, Imagine Key Pass is only for Southern California Residents, and the pass includes 10% off merchandise and select dining. This pass only allows you to hold up to two reservations at a time; once one reservation is up, you may make another.


Being the second-lowest price, $649, Enchant Key Pass can hold up to four reservations. This pass includes 10% off merchandise and dining. 


The third pass is $949, Believe Key Pass can hold up to 6 park reservations. The pass has a discount of 10% on merchandise and dining, including 50% off parking structures. 


The last pass is $1,399, and is called the Dream Key Pass. The pass holds up to 6 reservations, and also comes with 15% off dining and 20% merchandise. A big plus of the pass is free parking at the Disney structures. 


All the block out dates for the passes can be found at Magic Key Access Calendar (https://disneyland.disney.go.com/passes/blockout-dates/). 


If you do not want to own a pass but still want to experience the Disneyland magic, tickets are available. Tickets vary on whether you want just Disneyland or California Adventure or a park hopper. There is a one-day ticket for all or three-day ticket for California residents. For these Disneyland tickets you need a reservation to get into the park. 


Disneyland is finding new ways every day to make the park more enjoyable for its customers. They have changed rides to make them more memorable, and they are taking out rides to change the environment. 


Disneyland added Avengers Campus in June 2021. The campus has become a popular hit with visiting people. The land has shows, characters, food, merchandise, and a Spider-Man ride. However, the ride does have a virtual queue, which means you need to join a boarding group on the Disneyland App. 


Avengers Campus is new, but there are rides changing left to right. The most known ride that is changing is Splash Mountain. 


“Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-dee-ay, wonderful feeling, wonderful day.” The famous ride, Splash Mountain, is running its last days, and this attraction is one of the only original rides left standing in the park. One of the most popular rides creates long-lasting memories, and Ava El-Farra (12) expresses her love for this ride by saying , “My favorite ride is Splash Mountain because my friends and I always go on it when it is freezing cold, and we laugh about how soaked we are.”


People all over are saddened to see this extraordinary ride leave, but Princess and The Frog will take over and fit the environment better. The ride will fit right into the New Orleans setting around the attraction. 


Switching from New Orleans to Adventureland, the Jungle Cruise is new and improved. 


What is the 8th wonder of the world? If you don’t know, it is the backside of the water. 


Jungle Cruise was recently redesigned and open to the public again. The Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt was the inspiration for redoing the ride. The ride is the same, but there are new animals and other features to see while exploring the Nile River. 


July 17, 1955, is a well-known day, the opening of Disneyland. Since the start, Walt Disney and cast members have had one job to help keep the Disney magic alive for all people. 


Both parks have different magical feelings. Disney has different ways for people to have magic in their lives. Some people like treats, rides, or even just the setting. 


Popular treats at Disney are Churros, Dole Whip, beignets, and pickles. Popular places to go in California Adventure are the bread factory and Ghirardelli chocolate. 


Magical feelings can come for a first-timer or people who have been coming to this amusement park their whole life. A good amount of people grew up going to Disneyland, “I have grown up with Disney my whole life. The moments there have shaped my life and given me the happiest memories,” said Matthew Mortensen (11).


“Instantly I feel magic and happiness when walking through the gates seeing my favorite character and hearing songs I’ve grown up with.”

— Ava El-Farra


People end up feeling the Disney magic during holidays, but it can be found anywhere at any time. Halloween is up at Disneyland, which means Haunted Mansion is Nightmare before Christmas, and Guardians of the Galaxy after 4 pm is Monster After Dark. Both attractions are popular and bring excitement. 


The decorations for Halloween are always fun to see and look at. In Disneyland, the enormous and bright orange Mickey-shaped pumpkin is seen when entering, which is a famous photo spot. The decor is around the whole park letting everyone embrace the Halloween spirit. 


The Happiest Place on Earth is exploring ways to make every trip a satisfying trip for all. Disneyland will continue to make changes to both parks, but the magic will never leave. Walt Disney’s wish is kept throughout the whole park for all to enjoy.