How To Love Yourself More


Loving yourself can be hard but it’s a priority and you need to devote time to yourself.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Loving yourself can be challenging and is difficult for most people. In this world today, it is hard to be confident and love yourself in your own body. In society, you are thoughtless if you aren’t thin for girls and built with muscles for boys. 


Words are thrown at people, and they can affect someone. People care more about how others see them and do not allow themself to think about how they look. When people are told they are ugly, fat, or not good enough for someone, it affects them mentally and puts this image in their head that they need to change. 


One of the simple definitions of loving yourself is forgiving yourself for mistakes or negative thoughts. It is also accepting yourself for who you are. Lastly is it is having respect for yourself and treating yourself with respect. 


Having respect is important because your body needs to be taken care of. People need to treat their body kindly and love it. The body does everything for you and treating it is crucial. When you truly love yourself, you want the best for yourself and need to take care of your body. You need to eat enough, drink water, and need to make sure you are mentally okay.  


One way to love yourself more is by feeding your body and giving yourself enough food and water to function correctly. That is one step to loving yourself. A freshman Avery Bollin (9) said, “I always make sure I drink enough water and eat a good amount of food to keep my body functioning.” 


A few steps to love yourself more are to block out what people say, talk to yourself every morning, write down what you like about yourself every day, and allow yourself to feel emotion. 


The common reason why people start to hate themself is that people make them think they are worthless and do not fit in. After all, they look different. In reality, no one is different, we are all humans, and we do look all different, we all have features, and no one looks the same; but just because we do not look the same does not mean we aren’t all beautiful. 


Everyone in this world is female, male, or anyone else. We are all unique and have distinct features that make us who we are. Humans should embrace everything about themself and try to be kind to our bodies and minds. 


Two excellent ways to help love yourself more are talking to yourself or writing down features or characteristics you like about yourself. Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself one thing you like about yourself will help you become more confident. Instead of pointing out the negative, point out the positive. 


Writing down something you love about yourself will help remind you of all the good about yourself. Having a positive mindset while trying to love yourself will help. Loving yourself is hard but telling or writing something down you love yourself is a step in the right direction. 


Medical News Today talks about how people strive to be perfect, and that where people start to not love themself, because being perfect can bever be reached. Striving to be perfect can be harmful. 


People need to learn they will never be perfect, but they need to embrace what is good about themselves. Focus on the good about yourself, feed yourself and take care of your body. Loving yourself is more than wanting to love how you look and being comfortable in your own body. Taking care of your body is an enormous part of loving yourself; you want to keep your body healthy and functioning correctly. 


Loving yourself starts with little steps, and then it becomes a routine. Loving yourself is not something to rush, and it will take time. Be patient and ask friends or family to help as well. Remember always to try to love yourself and see the good.