How Failure Is Beneficial

Failure is all about trying until you succeed.

Failure is all about trying until you succeed.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

We strive to be perfect in this day and age and never want to mess up, but when we mess up, we are so hard on ourselves. The definition of failure is lacking success. 


Failure is such a harsh and harmful word and never looked at as a good thing. We see failure as a bad thing and look at it as letting yourself or someone else down or being useless. Failure is not as bad as people think it is. Failure leads to growth and giving us a reality check on where we are at in life. 


Feeling bad about failing holds people to a higher standard and sometimes does not allow them to move forward. By not allowing yourself to learn from failure, you do not allow yourself to grow. When you understand it is okay to fail, you will know what to do better and give yourself a check on what you need to improve on. 


Failing allows students and even adults to become stronger, learn from a new perspective, which will enable us to grow, builds character, and drives ourselves. ( talked about Something that stood out, and it was “this is not a one-shot only world.” 


By this not being a one-shot world, you can fail repeatedly, but it doesn’t count unless you learn from that failure. 


A freshman, Sarah Richey (9), said, “When I was six years old and learning to ride my bike, I fell over badly and scraped my knee, but I kept trying until I stopped falling over.”


Richey’s failure lesson relates to this isn’t a one-shot world. Sarah failed at riding her bike, but that did not stop her from getting backed and trying. Sarah did not fail because she learned, and she drove herself to learn how to ride a bike. 


Another freshman, Angelina Thomas (9), said, “Something I failed at but learned from was procrastinating on homework, and by that, I did not perform well on assignments. Since then, I have learned to try my best and not wait until the last minute.” 


Angelina learned from her procrastinating, and she allowed herself to build her character more and become the person she wants to be in school, successful. 


Jacob Petropulos (9), a freshman at Yorba Linda, said, “Something I failed at but learned from was a project in sixth grade I did. I failed the project, and next time we had a project, I made sure to try very hard to meet the requirements to get a good grade.” 


Everyone has failed in their life, but it is your choice to work harder and improve yourself or sit in self-pity and believe you can not do anything. Failing is not failing if you learn from the experience. 


There is proof that everyone who has failed has made it in the long run. A few examples include Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, and Colonel Sanders. 


In life, it is okay to fail, but only if you learn from it. Failing is not a bad thing if you do not look at it as a negative. As long as you learn from failing, you did not fail.