YLHS Pan African Student Summit


Courtesy of @ylhspass on Instagram

Pan African Student Summit is a new club at YLHS that focuses on the social empowerment and inclusivity of Black students on campus with their motto “Knowledge of Self before Knowledge of Others.”

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist

New to Yorba Linda High School this year is the creation of the Pan African Student Summit, a club for the appreciation of Black Culture and to raise awareness for the continued social progress for those of African descent. This new club is a great way for students to learn more about Black culture as well as to broaden their perspectives on issues that they may not normally face in their own lives.

Founded by Sedona Smith (12), the club’s purpose is “to unite and empower students of African descent while also educating all students about important issues.” The club brings to light the economic, social, political, and cultural contributions of Black culture to society in the present and throughout history. 

The motto of the club is “Knowledge of Self before Knowledge of Others.” Sedona states that this “serves to eliminate the common approach that marginalizes the history of Black culture.” Although history courses, such as those of AP, state they are inclusive and detailed of all recorded history, many key factors and events are omitted. Many of these are significant to the Black community and are necessary to gain a full understanding of their history. 

At Yorba Linda, it can be difficult for Black students to feel that their voices are equally heard among others as there are very few of them among the student body. Sedona found this club necessary as she, her sister, and countless other Black students experienced instances of discrimination and racism at YLHS. Although these issues of discrimination not only face Black students at YLHS, their grievances are left alone and unheard.

With current events revolving around the Black Lives Matter movement, Pan African Student Summit stands as a way for Black students to communicate their own frustrations as well as provide a center for those looking to educate themselves on the plights of the Black community. It is more important than ever during these turbulent times to increase one’s knowledge of these issues in order to be active for the cause. 

The club is increasingly important for Black students to have their voices heard in a safe environment in order to discuss issues affecting them and their community at school and the broader world. 

February 1st marks the start of Black History month, and Pan African Student Summit plans on holding several meetings including a meeting with a guest speaker, Makur Maker. He was the first five-star college basketball recruit to commit to an HBCU. 

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