Will YouTube Die Out?


Courtesy of Youtube

YouTube may die out soon due to competition and other issues.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Section Editor

YouTube is the most popular video streaming website. After it started in 2005, it steadily gained momentum to be one of today’s most used platforms. But after the recent changes and rise in other platforms, it is a possibility that YouTube might slowly die out soon. 

YouTube has not faced much competition through its growth. However, the app Tiktok quickly blew up and more people are paying less attention to YouTube. Tiktok has allowed many people to rise to fame in such a short period of time. While YouTube has given many a platform, it is nothing compared to the number of opportunities available to everyone on Tiktok. 

Another company that YouTube needs to look out for is Amazon. Although it has not been confirmed, Amazon has plans of launching something similar to YouTube – Amazontube. Predictions about its success can be made when looking at Amazon’s live streaming platform, Twitch. According to 99 Firms, “Twitch attracts almost 72% more viewers than its nearest competitor, YouTube Gaming.” Amazon already seems to be a strong competitor of YouTube; thus, it won’t be surprising if they take over video streaming services as well.

There have been a lot of problems with YouTube despite them having been such a big platform for so long”

— Hannah Bucklin

Not only might consumers move to different platforms, but content creators may as well. Many YouTubers have complained in videos that YouTube has been demonetizing their videos without a proper cause. While this may seem like a simple issue for YouTube to fix, it can also be seen as an opportunity for other platforms to attract creators. Hannah Bucklin (11) adds that “YouTube is known for upsetting some of its users. There have been a lot of problems with YouTube despite them having been such a big platform for so long.”

While bigger creators are able to withstand a few demonetized videos, small creators are more heavily impacted. Another issue that small creators have faced is YouTube’s new conditions for monetization including having a minimum of 4,000 watch hours, 1,000 subscribers, and following other policies. This makes YouTube less appealing for new creators as it is much harder to grow a following.

It may be too big of an assumption that we will never see certain creators again after YouTube dies out. With new platforms that have more to offer, they are more than likely willing to move to other platforms. While YouTube has been around for over 15 years, the rise of issues within the company and new competitors may pose a threat. So save some of your favorite videos before it might be too late.