Movie Review: “Soul”

The Great Before is full of souls who need to find their purpose before they go down to Earth.

The Great Before is full of souls who need to find their purpose before they go down to Earth.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

One more good thing happened on Christmas day when a new film, Soul, was released on the platform Disney Plus. Soul is an animated movie that is friendly for all ages and is a comedy and music-filled, directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers. 


Soul is about a movie guy named Joe who is about to start a music career that could change his life forever. He is a jazz pianist who teaches middle school band and wants to take his career to the next level by playing with the big stars. He has one shot to play with Doretha Williams(Angela Bassett). Joe Gardner(Jamie Foxx) was walking in New York City back to his home to get ready for his big day and fell down the sewer and ended up in a place called “The Great Before” but he turned into a magical character. 


Joe’s main goal in the movie is to get back down to Earth to play the biggest gig of his life, and he teams up with a soul from “The Great Before” named 22 (Tina Fey). 22 believes there is no purpose to life and Joe believes his life purpose is playing music. As Joe and 22 teams up to get back to Earth and find their purpose for life, they answer and figure out questions about themselves they did not know even existed. 


The movie is about finding your purpose in life and why people are here. The film goes into a deeper perspective and leads the audience to ponder their life choices. 


In “The Great Before” the souls try to find their purpose for life and soul 22 who pairs up with Joe to get back to Earth does not want to find their purpose. Joe wants 22 purposes to be music so he can have the Earth patch to get to Earth. When 22 is trying to find her purpose it shows moments of people’s lives and the moments that create human purpose in life. 


Soul ends with Joe finding his purpose and making the most of his life for all the time he has left. A freshman Avery Bollin (9) said, “The movie was so thought out by the creators and gave me a sense of peace. Soul made me realize I wanna start living life to the fullest.”


No one needs to know their purpose in life but when watching the movie the majority of the audience alters their life perspective. One scene in the movie quotes, “How are you gonna spend your life” Joe replies with, “I’m not sure. But I do know…I’m going to live every minute of it.”