Shawn Mendes New Album: Wonder

 Album cover for Shawn Mendes’s 4th album called “Wonder”

Album cover for Shawn Mendes’s 4th album called “Wonder”

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Shawn Mendes just released a new album, “Wonder,” this December. Many fans and critics have been raving about this new album, and not because it is new music, but because a lot of the songs are about his love interests.


Mendes and Camila Cabello started a relationship a few years ago and he wants the whole world to know he is madly in love with her. His album is all about love, and as annoying as hearing all about love can be, everyone is secretly happy he is happily in love. 


Shawn Mendes told Apple Music, “A lot happens when you fall in love for the first time.”


According to Apple Music, Shawn shares how he loves writing albums because he enjoys the process of journaling, meditation, and self-care. Mendes had a challenging year and suffered from many problems, but eventually persevered with music helping him express himself. 


This is Shawn Mendes’s fourth album, and after getting out of his rough patch, he finally produced an album the world is obsessing over.  The album consists of 14 different songs, and Shawn Mendes brought a friend, Justin Beiber, to collaborate on a song called “Monster.” 


The songs showcase the lows and highs of life and love. The song “24 hours” demonstrates rushing into love and how it affects you. “Call My Friends” is about being lonely, and “Monster” shows how tough it is to be a celebrity. 


The album starts with “Intro,” and there is one lyric that starts off the album “you have a million different faces….so get lost in wonderland.” The album ends with “Can’t Imagine,” referring to how he could never imagine a world without Camila. 


Throughout the album, hints are dropped more about their relationship, “24 hours” talk about them moving in together, and “305” talks about Camila’s hometown and relates love to a rollercoaster ride. 


If you like slower songs to jam out to or relax to this album is perfect. The album is all about love, a topic everyone can relate to and is passionate about. The album is a mix of slow and upbeat songs and will have you get up and dance. A Freshman Sarah Richey (9) said, “Shawn Mendes’s new album was so good and I could not stop listening to the album. My favorite song was “24 Hours.”


My favorite songs are “24 Hours”, “305”, and “Look Up At The Stars.” These songs are a bit slower but still have a bit of an upbeat vibe. The album impacts your outlook on love, leaving listeners reflecting on their own love lives.