Movie Review: Clouds


You never when your last day is spent well. Do not wait for the impossible to happen, make it happen.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Have you ever thought about having something keeping you from your dreams? In the film “Clouds” by Justin Baldoni, the main character, Zach Sobiech, has cancer, and this challenges himself to accomplish his goal before he is gone. 


The film is based on a true story and is rated PG-13—the movie is a little deeper and more mature than most DisneyPlus movies. “Clouds” is about a seventeen-year-old boy named Zach Sobiech (Fin Argus) who has cancer and wants to pursue his dream of making music. With his best friend, Sammy (Sabrina Carpenter), nothing seems impossible along his side every step of the way. A few months into senior year, Zach finds the love of his life and finds out he has six months to live.


The film starts with Zach at a talent show, but his best friend Sammy’s stage fright so Zach went on for her. Zach decides to sing a song, and you can see his true colors come back. In the first 10 minutes, you can see Zach’s personality and how he truly lives every day like it is his last. 


With only six months left to live, Sammy and Zach write a final album to share with the world. Little did they know that album would change the world and become a viral phenomenon overnight. 


Zach is confused about how to spend the last few months of his life and who to spend it with. Zach and his girlfriend Amy (Madison Iseman) spend quality time together till Zach realizes how hard his death will be on Amy. Zach decides to write a song with his best friend. He writes one big hit song called CLOUDS. 


Not only does the movie demonstrate the need to live every day like it is the last because it could be, giving a realistic point of view on cancer. At the end of the film, there are videos of the real Zach and it shows what he went through and how he handled the situation. 


The film is known to be a tearjerker and has a soft spot for everyone. People can connect to the film and feel the movie on a different level. A freshman Sarah Richey (9) said, “to cherish whatever time you have because you’re never promised tomorrow.”


“Clouds” have changed humans for the better, and it taught them to live every day like it is their last. Spending each day with gratitude and living in every moment helps make life easier.