How To Be Happy

A part of choosing happiness is how you look at life. You can choose to look at the negative or positives, that is up to you.

A part of choosing happiness is how you look at life. You can choose to look at the negative or positives, that is up to you.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

There is a question with more than 6 billion results on Google, and the question is, “How can I get happy?” 


Most people in this day and age are less and less happy and want to find happiness again. Scientists are studying what makes humans happy and what does not. Happiness does not just come to you. Satisfaction is changing your behavior and attitude to be more positive. You work for joy; it is not given to you. 


One of the most important ways to be on the course towards a happier life is a good mental mindset. Thinking negative thoughts is terrible for your mental health, and it tears you down to a lower state of mind. We can not change what surrounds us and how people affect us, but we change how we think. Thinking is a huge part of your life, and if it is always negative, happiness will not be in your life. Dwelling on sad thoughts will take you further away from your true happiness.


Other ways to help your mental health is to listen to music, meditate, and have mental breaks. 


Listening to music can help take you to a different state of mind, by releasing emotions you did not know you ever had. A type of music that helps calm the body is slow or classical music. A freshman Hope Bucklin (9) says, “Some ways I relieve stress includes listening to music, painting, and playing soccer. These activities help me to take a step away from whatever is going on.”


Meditation can help slow down your heart rate. Meditation relieves stress and helps your mind focus on something other than problems, depression, anxiety, etc. 


Having mental breaks is a huge part of being happy because if you keep everything inside and continuously worry, you will feel worse and sadder. Mental breaks help more than people realize, and mental breaks from school help, as well. Studies have shown that taking mental breaks from schoolwork can help you perform better in school. 


Another way to bring happiness into your life is to write down in a journal. Journaling, in a notebook, acts as a counselor for yourself. Journaling releases your built-up feelings and helps you realize the important stuff in life. Writing can help you focus on the positives of life.


An excellent way to write and focus on happiness is to have a notebook or jar and write down everything that good happens to you or what makes you happy. Happiness is a state of mind, and only you can make yourself happy; it is a choice. 


Hope Bucklin also says, “I think happiness is a choice in the sense that you can choose which mindset you have in life. I believe that you can control your perspective on life, meaning you can choose to see the positive or negative sides of your life.”


Bringing happiness into your life can be in so many different ways. A way is to surround yourself with people you love. Being with friends helps you focus on the good in life, and friends always cheer you up. Friends and family can help you be happy, and if you are with other happy people, it helps. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and not be friends with people if they tear you down or make you feel less. 


What is your idea of happiness? How do you keep yourself happy? Figure out what makes you happy and how you achieve happiness yourself. Happiness is being in love with every part of life and seeing the good in life. Remember, happiness does not just come to you. It is a choice. Choose to be happy.