Is There A Teacher Who Changed Your Mindset?


Teachers are so much more than a person who teaches; they are a support system for kids. Teachers help kids believe in themselves when no one else does.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Every kid in their life has a favorite teacher, and there is always a reason behind it. Is it the Math teacher who helped you understand geometry or the Language Arts teacher that helped improve your writing? Or is it the teacher that believed in you when you couldn’t believe in yourself? 


There is no doubt that teachers are one of the most important members of our society. Students start learning at a young age by teachers. Not only do they teach us, but provide support, inspire us, are role models, and shape us into leaders. Teachers are more than just people who teach students; they help students change their mindset and help them believe in themselves. 


Some teachers are great friends, listeners, or supporters. Teachers only want the best for students and want them to succeed and be happy. Some teachers will be a listener or supporter towards students, changing students for the better, and helping students realize they matter. Students sometimes can not talk to their parents; therefore, they speak to a teacher they trust. Teachers want students to know they matter and have a purpose in this world. 


Where did you learn to be a leader? Teachers are some of the most influential people in your life. They are with you five days a week for almost seven hours. Teachers demonstrate how we can become leaders and how to be extraordinary. Teachers want kids to be themselves and not fake their personality.  Teachers worldwide wish to create a group of leaders since we are the generation to change the world. Great teachers can help shape our future and help us figure out our lives. 


It is hard sometimes to be motivated and have someone inspire us. We all most likely have had a teacher that has impacted our lives in one way or another. There is always that one teacher in all our lives that motivates you to go out of your comfort zone or pushes you to try your best. 


Teachers want students to love learning while having fun so they enjoy the materials they are studying. It is essential for kids to like to learn because it helps them be more present. Teachers put hours of work into lessons and activities to impact a child’s life and help them for the better. Freshman, Katie Ellsworth (9), commented, “teachers are important because they help us learn. Mrs. Messick, the culinary teacher, has impacted my life because she is so understanding and always shows compassion in everything.”


A role model is someone that inspires you and someone you want to be when you grow up. Role models help us see the best in ourselves and live to the fullest. Some teachers are role models to us, and those teachers are the unforgettable ones. We turn to these teachers when we are having a rough time or need guidance. Teachers help us improve our weaknesses and show off our strengths. Teachers show us it is okay to have a weakness and it is possible to overcome it, and showing off strengths helps your mental health. 


Teachers put so much dedication into their jobs, whether it is a lesson they planned or giving support to a child. Some of us are lucky enough to have more than one teacher who impacts our lives and changes us for the better. The world needs to know teachers do not just teach; they affect a child so much that no one else could. They help kids flourish and become their best selves. Whether you realize it or not, teachers are some of the most influential people in our lives and help you become a better you. Teachers are not just a person who teaches children; they are humans who help improve a kid’s mental health and help them grow. 


Marilyn Applebaum said it best, “The children you teach may not remember you when they get older, but they will always have a part of you inside them. The part that gave them hope and love and taught them to believe in themselves.”


Who is the one teacher who helped you and changed you into a better student? If you have an essential teacher in your life, email them and tell them how they impacted you. Teachers want the best for students, and hearing they made an impact would demonstrate your thankfulness and boost their confidence, just like they raised yours.